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September 22, 2004

Self-titled Kylie


"It will become an instant kitsch classic.”
– The Evening Standard

Why are people who work in socialist bookstores such sourpusses? Are they drawn to their employment by their sourpussery? Or do they become sourpusses as a result of the sterile, hopeless philosophy they are forced to buy and sell (ahh... kapitalism!). I was at Pages, a Toronto sourpuss bookstore, when I came across Kylie (Booth-Clibborn Editions, 1999), a casebound artbook by Kylie Minogue featuring photos of Kylie, tributes to her character and some of her own thoughts on life. It was in the dump bin. It was reduced in price. It was shocking pink. I had to have it. Imagine my chagrin on getting to the counter, ready to share my enthusiasm with the world, only to be confronted with a sourpuss. At least their collectivist nihilism and self-hatred meant I could purchase it for a small fraction the cover price. In your face, art-snobs!

Kylie is a vivid self-portrait of Kylie Minogue’s many different personas: actress, pop singer, media magnet and cultural icon. Moving beyond autobiography, Kylie examines the iconic status she has gained in a career spanning from Neighbours to high-credibility chart hits. With an essay by renowned music journalist Chris Heath and contributions including work from Wolfgang Tillmans and Ellen Von Unwerth, the book is an intelligent celebration of a well-loved figure.


Posted by Ghost of a flea at September 22, 2004 08:14 AM

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I think you have to blame the wholesaler. Books are placed in bookstores largely on consignment and have to be kept on the shelf for, say, 60 days after which there is a, say, 60 day return period. If you miss the return period you can't get money back. The returns then enter the discount market where 40% off is ruthlessly splattered on covers of books dumped in bins and discount stores. You could often find the hard cover of inspector morse novels about when the paperback came out at 40% of the original hard cover and less than the paperback. The good name of Kylie is merely being ground up by the capitalists, Flea-baby.

The sourpusses are sourpussed regardless.

Posted by: Alan at September 22, 2004 09:29 AM

I am familiar with the big box and chain system you describe having worked at a few myself. Pages is a specialty outfit, however, and I doubt there is much in the store they did not special order aside from sections of their magazine selection. "Kylie" was there not due to an across the board mark-down of product that could not be stripped and returned but because, sadly, this particular copy had been left on the shelf by Pages customers. The happy result was that it was waiting for me!

Posted by: Flea at September 22, 2004 09:34 AM


Posted by: Bill from INDC Journal at September 22, 2004 09:50 AM

My finger hesitated over the "enter" key before I posted this one. Yes, nipples!

Posted by: Flea at September 22, 2004 09:52 AM

I just want it noted for the record that I was merely being gentlemanly as relates to the subject matter of the previous two comment but, yes, they are.

Posted by: Alan at September 22, 2004 12:15 PM


Posted by: Bill from INDC Journal at September 22, 2004 02:43 PM

This feels like a good time to mention that Kennedy also has a book.

Posted by: Dave Munger at September 22, 2004 03:04 PM

Scariest nipples ever.

Posted by: Smug Canadian at September 22, 2004 09:20 PM