May 24, 2016

Why Game of Thrones reads like history and not fantasy

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Ancient beer in China

"Archaeologists studying vessels unearthed in the Shaanxi province of China say they’ve uncovered beer-making equipment dating from between 3400 and 2900 BC - an era known as the late Yangshao period - and figured out the recipe to boot."

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Agalloch - She Painted Fire Across the Skyline

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May 23, 2016

Aeschylus - Agamemnon (1981)

"First play in The Oresteia trilogy, which concerns the end of the curse of the house of Atreus. This is followed by The Libation Bearers and then The Furies. Performed by The National Theater."

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The sublime Luca Turin

"There is a basic distinction between the sublime and the beautiful. The sublime is natural beauty, i.e. rose, lemon oil, oud, musk etc. The beautiful is what you do with it. Many niche houses think they can get away with selling little pieces of the sublime while steering well away from fully worked-out beauty."

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Lily Allen - LDN

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May 22, 2016

Seikilos Epitaph - Song of Seikilos

"I am a tombstone, an icon. Seikilos placed me here as an everlasting sign of deathless remembrance."

While you live, shine
have no grief at all
life exists only for a short while
and time demands an end.

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May 21, 2016

Sesame Street - Monsterpiece Theater "Twin Beaks"

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James Bay - Let It Go

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May 18, 2016

The Graham Norton Show S19E08

Guests: Jennifer Lawrence, James McAvoy, Johnny Depp, Jack Whitehall

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The backstory to that £195 DHL T-shirt

“We never expected a reaction like this,” says Demna Gvasalia in his eastern-European accented English. “That people would desire what we do. We live in a world where clothes… I mean they don’t really matter, do they? But then then they do if you can speak to someone like that.”

Last spring: "Today we present our interview with Demna Gvasalia, the fashion designer behind the clothing brand VETEMENTS."

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School of Seven Bells - Music Takes Me

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May 17, 2016

Alfred Schnittke - Concerto Grosso n.1 (1976/1977)

"The real legacy of Schnittke's music is its multidimensional exploration of what musical truth in the 20th century might be, from chaotic polystylism to heartfelt spirituality."

In the Concerto Grosso, Schnittke said he wanted to realise "one of my life's goals … to overcome the gap between 'E' (Ernstmusik, serious music) and 'U' (Unterhaltung, music for entertainment), even if I break my neck in doing so!". That means that beneath and within its frame of pseudo-baroque figuration, you'll hear, as Schnittke's biographer Alexander Ivashkin says, "the transformation of a cheerful song chorale of Soviet schoolchildren, a nostalgic atonal serenade, quasi-Corellian allusions" – as well as Schnittke's grandmother's favourite tango, and quotations from his film scores.
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May 15, 2016

BBC - Toronto

The most diverse city in the world.

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The Protomen - Hold Back the Night

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