August 23, 2017

David Simon - Two Americas in One City

"David Simon, creator of 'The Wire,' shows us a portrait of 'the other America' - the America deeply affected by the war on drugs, a distrust of law enforcement, and mass incarceration, and discusses solutions to these problems."

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Peter Gabriel - The Veil

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August 22, 2017

Europe After the Rain (1978)

"Produced by the Arts Council of Great Britain, c1978, 'Europe after the Rain'’ (from painting by same name, Max Ernst [1941]) examines Dada and Surrealism not simply as modern movements in the arts, but also as a history of ideas - emphasising the desire to unify political and psychological values with artistic creativity."

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LCD Soundsystem - tonite

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August 21, 2017

The Art of Cornwall (2010)

"The art colony of St Ives in Cornwall became as important as Paris or London in the history of modernism during a golden creative period between the 1920s and 1960s. The dramatic lives and works of eight artists who most made this miracle possible, from Kit Wood and Alfred Wallis to Barbara Hepworth and Ben Nicholson, are featured in a documentary which offers an alternative history of the 20th century avant-garde as well as a vivid portrayal of the history and landscapes of Cornwall itself."

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Zanias - Follow the Body

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August 20, 2017

Onism: The awareness of how little of the world you'll experience

"onism - n. the frustration of being stuck in just one body, that inhabits only one place at a time, which is like standing in front of the departures screen at an airport, flickering over with strange place names like other people's passwords, each representing one more thing you'll never get to see before you die-and all because, as the arrow on the map helpfully points out, you are here."

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Martin Garrix & Troye Sivan - There For You

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August 19, 2017

Carl Jung - Matter of Heart (1983)

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Geoffrey Burgon: Main & End Title, Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy (1979)

"The end credits music, an arrangement of "Nunc dimittis" ("Lord, now lettest thou thy servant depart in peace") from the Book of Common Prayer (1662), was composed by Geoffrey Burgon for organ, trumpet, and treble; the score earned Burgon the Ivor Novello Award for 1979[5] and was a Top 10 hit on the UK Singles Chart. The treble on the original recording, Paul Phoenix, was a tenor in the King's Singers later in his career."

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August 17, 2017

Annie Lennox - Who Do You Think You Are? (2012)

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Kate Bush - Lily

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August 16, 2017

Home is Toronto

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Phillip Phillips - Home

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August 15, 2017

Dial M for Millicent

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Jeanne Moreau - Le Blues Indolent

Jeanne Moreau: Interview (1956).

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August 14, 2017

Janina Ramirez - The Viking Sagas (2011)

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The Vocal Range of Kate Bush

For Madge.

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August 13, 2017

Poppy Reads the Bible

Part 1

Part 2.

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Loop Guru - Red Crown

No video, just a loop. :-D

And then: Zen Connection 3 (Right turn) mixed by Loop Guru.

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August 11, 2017

A Man Called "Bee": Studying the Yanomamo (1975)

"Follows anthropologists Napoleon Chagnon as he collects anthropological field data among the Yanoama Indians of southern Venezuela."

Afterward/afterword: "Napoleon Chagnon is a Living World Treasure."

Arguably our greatest anthropologist, he is brave on two fronts. As a field worker in the Amazon forest he has lived, intimately and under conditions of great privation, with The Fierce People at considerable physical danger to himself. But the wooden clubs and poison-tipped arrows of the Yanomamö were matched by the verbal clubs and toxic barbs of his anthropologist colleagues in the journal pages and conference halls of the United States. And it is not hard to guess which armamentarium was the more disagreeable to him.
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Poppy - Interweb

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August 10, 2017

Adam Curtis - The Trap (2007)

Part 1: F**k You Buddy.

Like radical individualist Ayn Rand and conservative economist Friedrich von Hayek, Nash argued that altruism was irrational and destructive to social harmony. In fact, he proved mathematically that the only rational choice in any encounter is to act selfishly and betray the other person. He and his fellow Rand scientists also proved nuclear disarmament was impossible – their equations showed the Russians would cheat.

Ironically every time Nash tested the secretaries at Rand, women always behaved “irrationally” and trusted each other. In 1959, Nash was committed for paranoid schizophrenia. Yet none of the technocrats at Rand never thought to question the validity of his so-called “proofs.”
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Martin Jensen - Solo Dance

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August 09, 2017

Christopher Hitchens - Cyprus: Stranded in Time (1989)

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Alina Baraz & Galimatias - Drift

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August 08, 2017

China's Naval Strategy Oil & Shipping Routes

A STRATFOR Conversation with George Friedman and special guest Robert Kaplan.

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Little Wars

How HG Wells created hobby war gaming in 1913.

War was then looming in Europe and Little Wars was both an expression of Wells's passion for toy soldiers and to his fears over the coming slaughter. The science fiction author even believed that war games could change attitudes.

"You only have to play at Little Wars three or four times to realise just what a blundering thing Great War must be," wrote Wells.
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Gary Numan - My Name Is Ruin

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August 06, 2017

Hidden Secrets of the Ordovician Age

"This HD documentary explains how advanced forms of live began in ancient Australia's history 500 million years ago. Australian biologist Richard Smith travels across Australia to study the Ordovician fossil record. Life continued to flourish during the Ordovician as it did in the earlier Cambrian period, although the end of the period was marked by the Ordovician–Silurian extinction event. Invertebrates, namely molluscs and arthropods, dominated the oceans. Fish, the world's first true vertebrates, continued to evolve, and those with jaws may have first appeared late in the period. Life had yet to diversify on land. About 100 times as many meteorites struck the Earth during the Ordovician compared with today."

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Karl Sanders - Impalement and Crucifixion of the Last Remnants of the Pre-Human Serpent Volk

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August 05, 2017

Ray BLK ft. SG Lewis - Chill Out

"Shadiamond is one of four transgender women—Mindy, Beyonka, and Sasha are the others—who appear in the 'Chill Out' video. They were chosen by a Jamaican producer to travel from the gritty capital city of Kingston, where they live, to the northeastern coastal parish of Portland for the two-day shoot. All four women are part of a population known in Jamaica as the Gully Queens, a small band of trans and gay young people who live embattled lives at the outermost margins of a country that Time magazine once called 'the most homophobic place on earth.' They are visibly, openly living the truth of their gender and sexual identity in a nation where many choose to stay closeted, and they pay for it with complete alienation and constant abuse."

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Young and Gay: Jamaica's Gully Queens

"In Jamaica, attacks, murder, and rape are common occurrences against LGBTI people, with little to no retribution or justice brought against those responsible.

"After being forced from shacks, derelict buildings, and their own families, many homeless LGBTI Jamaicans have found refuge in the storm drainage systems of Kingston — known locally as the gully. For trans girls and gay men unable or unwilling to hide their sexuality, the sense of community and relative safety the gully provides acts as a welcome sanctuary, and for many, a hope of change to come.

"VICE News travelled to the New Kingston area to see what LGBTI life is like in Jamaica — where just being who you are can mean living a life underground"

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August 04, 2017

Ferris Bueller's Day Off - Inside Story

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The Saints of Little Portugal

"When you next walk through the residential streets of Toronto's west end, take a look at the houses around you. Before long, you'll see the azulejos."

Both the word 'azulejo' (which refers to any ceramic tile) and its artistic tradition were introduced by the Moorish invaders, who brought with them their Arabesque decorative ceramics and an obsession with filling empty space.
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Mt. Wolf - Midnight Shallows

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August 03, 2017

How to get a Job at Vogue with Alexa Chung

"In this full-length version of the Vogue Special edition, Alexa Chung goes behind the scenes of the fashion bible itself to examine just how to get a job at a magazine like British Vogue. Alexa talks to Vogue’s editor Alexandra Shulman, creative director Jaime Perlman, fashion director Lucinda Chambers, and delves into the digital incarnations of the fashion bible with the editor of Vogue.co.uk. From the interns to the editors, watch and learn as Alexa discovers the world of Vogue from the inside."

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Cara on Cara: Why Can't I Show My Nipples on Instagram?

"In this exclusive interview with September cover star Cara Delevingne, Cara weighs in on all of the hard hitting topics. Should Donald Trump be president of the USA? Why can't you show nipples on Instagram? What advice would you give your 16-year-old self? And much more... Fortunately, our British Vogue cover girl always knows what to do."

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Tomas Barfod - Hope In A Box

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August 02, 2017

The Gnomist

"Deep in the forest of Overland Park, Kansas little gnomes made a home. But how did they get there? Experience the feel-good story of paying it forward, one tiny magical house at a time."

you belong here: "That tree could use a door."

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Tender - Burden

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August 01, 2017

Don DeLillo - The Itch (2017)

A short story.

But nobody showed up, so he sat awhile looking at the wall. It was one of those Saturdays that feel like Sunday. He didn’t know how to explain this. It happened intermittently, more often in the warmer months, and it was probably normal, although he’d never discussed it with anyone.
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Tangerine Dream - Risky Business

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