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August 29, 2017

They told me not to correct mistakes with red ink

Student's writing board with spelling corrections done by a teacher. Egypt, 12th dynasty. 1981–1802 B.C.

The most interesting of the lot are two boards which had been used by student scribes as their "slates" or composition books and which are covered with their written exercises. The larger board (fig. 194) inscribed in black ink in two different hieratic hands, bears parts of two model letters of very formal and ultra-polite variety addressed to a superior official. The writers consistently refer to themselves as "this servant" and to their addressees as "the Master (may he live, prosper and be well)." The longer letter was composed and written by a young man named Iny-su, son of Sekhsekh, who calls himself a "Servant of the Estate" and who, probably in jest, has used the name of his own brother, Pehny-Su, as that of the distinguished addressee.

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