April 30, 2017

Vampire Hunter D (1985)

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Droid Bishop - Nightland

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April 29, 2017

Drukkstofa Óðins

"A mixed martial arts gym called Mjölnir MMA in Iceland just opened a Viking pub. They are located in a forrest in the center of Reykjavík. The bar is named Drukkstofa Óðins, Drukkstofa is an old icelandic word for pub. Drukkstofa Óðins the emphasis is on the Viking Era and as you enter you’re step into the world of the hand carved artwork of Icelandic historical signs."

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Lomovolokno - She

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April 28, 2017

Molinard - Le parfum en heritage

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Goldfrapp - Systemagic

Thanks to Mr. Percifield.

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April 27, 2017

A Very British Renaissance 2 - The Elizabethan Code (2014)

"Art historian Dr James Fox continues his exploration of a Renaissance that he believes was as rich and as significant in Britain as it was in Italy and Europe. He tells the story of the painters, sculptors, poets, playwrights, composers, inventors, craftsmen and scientists who revolutionised the way we saw the world.

"In this episode, he explores the Elizabethans' love of secrecy, codes and complexity, and the cultural revolution sparked by an age of discovery and exploration."

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Skinny Puppy - Smothered Hope

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April 26, 2017

Kane on Friday: Leftover Wife (1977)

Broadcaster Vincent Kane interviews Dylan Thomas' widow Caitlin Thomas, originally broadcast in 1977.

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Troye Sivan - Be The One (Dua Lipa Cover)

Aussi: Dua Lipa - Be The One | BRITs 2017 Critics’ Choice

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April 25, 2017

Controversy: I'm a part of the Marvel Comics Sales Slump

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Dua Lipa - Genesis (Acoustic)

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April 24, 2017

Northern Renaissance - 2. The Birth of the Artist

I have been posting the first episodes of a number of documentary series. In this instance, I am specifically posting the next, i.e. episode two. So much about Albrecht Durer; I had no idea.

"Joseph Leo Koerner argues that the Renaissance in Northern Europe - more so than its Italian counterpart - laid the foundations of modern art. He assesses the career of German painter Albrecht Durer, who harnessed the new medium of printing to become the first world-famous artist."

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April 22, 2017

Richard III :The King Laid To Rest

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Harry Styles - Sign of the Times (Live on The Graham Norton Show)

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April 21, 2017

How to Get Ahead, Ep. 1 - At Medieval Court (2014)

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April 19, 2017

David Starkey's Music and Monarchy - 1. Crown & Choir

"Dr David Starkey reveals how the story of British music was shaped by its monarchy, beginning with kings who were also composers, Henry V and Henry VIII."

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Sevdaliza - Hubris

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April 18, 2017

The English Civil War - 1. Blood On Our Hands (2005)

"The English Civil War is one of the darkest moments of English history. When Parliament published England's first newspaper advertising their complaints against Charles I, the effect on men and women who had hitherto known nothing of the affairs of government was seismic. The war tore families apart, cut down a generation in its own back yard, and left relatively more people dead than World War I. Everyday we see wars and disputes fought out in print. This is where it started."

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April 17, 2017


"Another thousand-year-old Viking colony might have been found on the island of Newfoundland, Canada."

The excavation of the stone, once used in iron working, on Newfoundland took place a hundred miles south of the only known Viking site located in North America. This proposes that Vikings may have traveled much farther into the continent than previously thought.

A team of archaeologists have been unearthing the newly-found location at Point Rosee, a narrow, windswept peninsula on the most western part of the island.
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Digital Atlas of the Roman Empire

"In DARE, ancient sites are organized as places and buildings (subsites), each with a distinct place type and location. The buildings are not rendered on the base map because of their close proximity to the places they belong to, but are instead available as thematic overlays (e.g. amphitheaters, theaters, temples etc. respectively). Meta data about places and buildings are available next to the map."

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Xela - Wet Bones

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April 16, 2017

Salvador Dali - Christ of St. John of the Cross (2006)

Salvador Dali - Christ of Saint John of the Cross by ourplanet03

"Do you believe in God?"
"I believe in God but I have no faith."
"Maths and science have proved that God must exist but I don't believe it. It's terrible, I get closer and closer but I still don't believe."
"Would you like to believe?"
"Of course. Everything would be resolved. Above all, the problem of death because the idea of death makes me tremble."

The Private Life of a Masterpiece - Series 6, Episode 21:

"One of the great traditions of European religious painting is to imagine events of the Bible taking place in your own hometown, that these are events that happen regularly in your place and Dali has stayed true to that. This is the local crucifixion which every great crucifixion has to be."

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Regina Spektor - Laughing With

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April 15, 2017

Night Walk (1986)

"This first 60-minute episode (with two 2-minute commercial breaks) in the series was filmed in one night in Toronto circa April 1986 and began airing on the morning of May 3, 1986, originally at 4 a.m. and then at 2:30 a.m. weeknights and 3:30 a.m. on weekend nights beginning on June 22, 1986."

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SAINT WKND feat. Boy Matthews - Make You Mine

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April 14, 2017

The Madness of Prince Charming (2004)

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Sofi Tukker - Johny

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April 13, 2017

Tauerville Stories, Swiss Vault, Attar + Tauerzine Discussion With Andy Tauer

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Chanel Gabrielle Bag (director's cut)

Starring Kristen Stewart.

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April 11, 2017

Sevdaliza - Hero

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April 10, 2017

Northern Renaissance - 1. The Supreme Art

"Series in which Joseph Leo Koerner argues that the Renaissance in Northern Europe - more so than its Italian counterpart - laid the foundations of modern art. In the early 15th century, the remarkable oil paintings of Flemish artist Jan Van Eyck transformed a lowly craft into the supreme art and began an image revolution that would change art forever."

The analysis of the Arnolfini Portrait offered after the 48 minute mark is astonishing. It is a remarkable thing to realize once again I've been looking at something for more than thirty years and never seen it until now.

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Jack in the Green is coming

"The traditional Jack-in-the-Green is once again beginning to wake up across the UK. For those who are wondering what this strange figure of Folklore is here is our comprehensive guide to the Jack in the Green."

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Yoshinori Hayashi - Waterwheel Scenery

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April 09, 2017

Yazoo - A Short Film (2016)

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DJ Boring - Winona

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April 08, 2017

Terry Pratchett - Back in Black (2017)

"When the writer Sir Terry Pratchett died in 2015, he was working on one last story - his own. But Terry's Alzheimer's meant he never got to finish it.

"This poignant and humorous film starring Paul Kaye as Terry finally tells the story of this hugely popular author, creator of Discworld, whose books have sold over 85 million copies worldwide. Back in Black reveals Terry's road to success was not always easy, from his troubled schooldays to being dismissed by literary critics, to his battle with Alzheimer's. But knighted by the Queen, adored by millions of fans and with a legacy of 41 much-loved novels - Terry Pratchett is still having the last laugh."

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Miss Monique - Live @ Radio Intense (January 31, 2017)

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April 07, 2017

Jakuchu: The Divine Colors (2016)

"My paintings will be understood 1000 years from now". Japanese painter Ito Jakuchu (1716-1800) left these mysterious words along with his many paintings. These prophetic words are coming true with recent finds using the latest technology to better understand the artist's creative process, and his singular style in composition and design. Observe in pristine images the remarkably fine lines of Jakuchu (0.1mm!), and find out the messages hidden in the paintings of "the man with the hand of god."

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CHVRCHES - Plainsong

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April 06, 2017

Jas. Townsend and Son, Inc. - Early American Whiskey

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PAVANE - Percées

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April 05, 2017

Roundhead or Cavalier, Which One Are You? (2013)

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Matthew Morgan - Sun Through the Clouds

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April 04, 2017

Violent Nation (2005-2006)

"Presented by Rik Mayall, this history series questions the current belief that violence and violent crime are ont he rise in 21st Century Britain by unearthing the hidden violence in Britain's past."

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Brigitte Bardot - Contact

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April 03, 2017

A journey through Québec that reveals a new surprise every morning

The most astonishing music composed for a marketing campaign I have ever heard. "A room with many views" by Adèle for Circonflex may be downloaded here.

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April 02, 2017

BBC - The King and the Playwright: A Jacobean History 1. Incertainties

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Jackie Tech - You Can Have It All (Filatov & Karas Remix)

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April 01, 2017

BBC A History of Art in Three Colours Episode 1: Gold

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Wee - Aeroplane (Reprise)

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