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April 16, 2017

Salvador Dali - Christ of St. John of the Cross (2006)

Salvador Dali - Christ of Saint John of the Cross by ourplanet03

"Do you believe in God?"
"I believe in God but I have no faith."
"Maths and science have proved that God must exist but I don't believe it. It's terrible, I get closer and closer but I still don't believe."
"Would you like to believe?"
"Of course. Everything would be resolved. Above all, the problem of death because the idea of death makes me tremble."

The Private Life of a Masterpiece - Series 6, Episode 21:

"One of the great traditions of European religious painting is to imagine events of the Bible taking place in your own hometown, that these are events that happen regularly in your place and Dali has stayed true to that. This is the local crucifixion which every great crucifixion has to be."

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