November 30, 2016

Andrew Breitbart - Media War (June 2011)

"A publisher, columnist, and blogger, Andrew Breitbart is the founder of the Breitbart network of investigative news websites including Breitbart.com, Breitbart.tv, Big Government, Big Hollywood, Big Journalism, and Big Peace. Breitbart's new book is Righteous Indignation: Excuse Me while I Save the World!"

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Sabrina Claudio - Confidently Lost

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November 29, 2016

Making a Masterpiece: The Royal Inca Tunic at Dumbarton Oaks (2016)

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Y-3 Spring/Summer 2016 Runway Show / TAO Dance Theater Performance

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November 28, 2016

Slavoj Žižek: ‘Castro should be forgotten as soon as possible’

"When a regime legitimizes itself by this reference to suffering, 'As you see, even our economic situation proves our greatness'.... In psychoanalysis, we call this reference to renunciation 'symbolic castration'."

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Smerz - Because

Smerz: (live)

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November 27, 2016

Batman Unmasked The Psychology Of The Dark Knight (2008)

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Throbbing Gristle - Hamburger Lady (live Turn, 2005.06.09)

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November 24, 2016


testing... testing...

I've got a single line of badly formed HTML sitting somewhere in the last week of posts. I've had to unpublish things until I can find it and quite when I'll have a spare half-hour isn't clear. Will advise soonest!

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November 19, 2016

Uncommon Knowledge - Victor Davis Hanson (September 22, 2016)

"Hoover Institution fellow Victor Davis Hanson discusses Russia, China, and the danger of American withdrawal from the world stage. In addition, Hanson talks about immigration and assimilation in the United States throughout time. Hanson notes that, when immigrants assimilate and embrace the United States, then immigration works and strengthens us, but that when immigrants seek to separate themselves and reject US values and culture, then immigration becomes detrimental. Hanson ends the interview talking about the 2016 presidential candidates and election."

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Batushka - Yekteniya 1

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November 18, 2016

Lenin hides portrait of Tsar Nicholas II for almost 100 years

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Melanie Martinez - Pacify Her

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November 16, 2016

Slavoj Žižek on Trump, Capitalism, and the Left's Global Crisis | 10th November 2016

"Slavoj Žižek, Hegelian philosopher, Lacanian psychoanalyst, political activist, international director of the Birkbeck Institute for the Humanities, professor of German at New York University and the author of Refugees, Terror and Other Troubles with the Neighbors: Against the Double Blackmail (Melville House, 2016), discusses his new book about the refugee crisis and terrorism on a global scale."

And then... How Trump was elected: Slavoj Žižek breaks down US elections.

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ARIA: 99 Red Ballons

Thanks to Mr. Percifield.

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November 15, 2016

Guardians Of The South Atlantic: UK Forces In The Falklands

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Atomic Prod - triste réalité [INSTRU RAP]

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November 14, 2016

Frontline - Putin's Way (2015)

"FRONTLINE investigates the accusations of criminality and corruption that have surrounded Vladimir Putin’s reign in Russia. The film is a FRONTLINE production with the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation."

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Kemarl1fam - Triste Realitee (instrumentale)

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November 12, 2016

Jonahan Pie - President Trump: How & Why...

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Human Rights Act to be replaced with Warhammer rulebook

“If you are claiming a right to privacy, for example, we roll two twenty-sided dice to determine your score, take away any debuffs – low income, being foreign – and measure it against the government’s own total.

“We make our rolls behind the books so you can’t see, but it’s all perfectly fair.”

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Redi Hasa and Maria Mazzotta - Ederlezi

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November 10, 2016

Northern Renaissance, Ep. 1 - The Supreme Art

"Joseph Leo Koerner argues that the Renaissance in Northern Europe - more so than its Italian counterpart - laid the foundations of modern art. In the early 15th century, the remarkable oil paintings of Flemish artist Jan Van Eyck transformed a lowly craft into the supreme art and began an image revolution that would change art forever."

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Pretenders - Holy Commotion

Thanks to Mr. Percifield.

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November 09, 2016

Earth, Wind & Fire - Boogie Wonderland

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November 08, 2016

Mysterious Sands of Russia

"Shoina is a village drowned up to the waist in sand. Its denizens are quite fatalistic about it, and their only means of protection is leaving their door open for the night, as they can never be sure if they can open it in the morning. The village of Shoina is situated beyond the Arctic Circle, 1,400 kilometers north of Moscow.
This tiny settlement is known for its sands, which appeared here over 50 years ago and have been waging a relentless offensive against humans ever since, depriving them of living space."

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Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross - Hand Covers Bruise

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November 07, 2016

The Fragrance Apprentice - Top 10 Autumn/Fall Fragrances 2016

"I take you through my list that represent to me the best of the Beautiful British Autumn!"

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Dua Lipa - Be The One

Thanks to Mr. Percifield.

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November 06, 2016

Susan Sarandon: "Abraham Lincoln was a third party candidate."

"Hollywood actress and environmental activist Susan Sarandon talks to Evan Davis about the civil resistance on the Dakota access pipeline, the US election and why she's not supporting Hillary Clinton for US president."

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Slavoj Zizek: "I’m horrified at Trump. But I think Hillary is the true danger."

“And if Trump wins, both big parties, Republicans and Democrats, would have to return to basics, rethink themselves, and maybe some things can happen there. That’s my desperate, very desperate hope, that if Trump wins, listen, America is still not a dictatorial state, he will not introduce fascism. But it will be a big kind of awakening. New political processes will be set in motion, will be triggered.”

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Young Jeezy feat. Birdman - Trump

Not the DNC:

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November 05, 2016

Marina Abramovic - Spirit Cooking (Paliano, June 1997)

Dear Tony: "I am so looking forward to the Spirit Cooking dinner at my place."

To its credit, InfoWars does intimate that this famous performance artist’s occult recipes may, perhaps, be performance-art-related, noting that “Spirit Cooking” involves “an occult performance during which menstrual blood, breast milk, urine, and sperm are used to create a ‘painting’.”

Ask me anything:

"What place do you see the occult having within contemporary art; can magick be made (not simply appropriated/performed)?"

Everything depends on which context you are doing what you are doing. If you are doing the occult magic in the context of art or in a gallery, then it is the art. If you are doing it in different context, in spiritual circles or private house or on TV shows, it is not art. The intention, the context for what is made, and where it is made defines what art is or not.
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Alex Jones - Dark Secrets Inside Bohemian Grove

"Since the founding of the club, the Bohemian Grove's mascot has been an owl, symbolizing knowledge. A 30-foot (9 m) hollow owl statue made of concrete over steel supports stands at the head of the lake in the Grove; this Owl Shrine was designed by sculptor and two-time club president Haig Patigian, and constructed in the late 1920s. Since 1929, the Owl Shrine has served as the backdrop of the yearly Cremation of Care ceremony. The Cremation of Care is an annual theatrical production written, produced and performed by and for members of the Bohemian Club."

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November 04, 2016

Stonehenge made simple

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Sigma Me ft. Birdy - Find

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November 02, 2016

Zizek's Modern How-To Guide

"On May 5, 2015 the Slovenian political philosopher and cultural critic Slavoj Žižek gave a talk at the IWM, chaired by Sławomir Sierakowski, founder of the 'Krytyka Polityczna' movement."

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Damiyr - Who Am I To Say (Hope)

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