October 31, 2016

Bloody Queens Elizabeth and Mary (BBC. 2016)

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Dead Ghosts - Roky Said

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October 28, 2016

Comicbookgirl19 - Halloween Special #4: Retro-Review: Death Becomes Her & Exorcist III

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Fire Chief Charlie - Let's Be Happy

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October 27, 2016

Michael Wood's Story of England, Episode 1

"Here is Episode one: Romans to Normans of Michael Wood's story of England. With the help of the local people and using archaeology, landscape, language and DNA, Michael uncovers the lost history of the first thousand years of the village, featuring a Roman villa, Anglo-Saxons and Vikings and graphic evidence of life on the eve of the Norman Conquest."

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Justin Tucker: The Opera Singing Kicker | NFL Films

"NFL Films sits down with Ravens Kicker Justin Tucker to talk about his hobby of Opera singing. "

He also enjoys a cup of coffee.

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October 26, 2016

Julian Assange speeks from the Ecuadorian embassy to London

The official statement.

On Wednesday night after a threat was sent to this embassy and the police descended on the building, you came out in the middle of the night to watch over it and you brought the world’s eyes with you.

Inside the embassy, after dark, I could hear teams of police swarming into the building through the internal fire escape.

But I knew that there would be witnesses.

And that is because of you.

If the UK did not throw away the Vienna Conventions the other night, it is because the world was watching.

And the world was watching because you were watching.

The next time somebody tells you that it is pointless to defend the rights we hold dear, remind them of your vigil in the dark outside the Embassy of Ecuador, and how, in the morning, the sun came up on a different world, and a courageous Latin American nation took a stand for justice.
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The Banker's Guide to Art (BBC, 2016)

"Documentary taking an inside look at the high-stakes and sometimes murky world of art collecting.
In recent years, the value of London's art market has soared to unprecedented heights, driven by the nouveau riche of the financial world, whose money has poured into the bank accounts of dealers, galleries and auction houses."

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Gigi Hadid Stars in “Do It Right”: Stuart Weitzman Fall 2016

"Gigi Hadid is a knockout in this short film directed by James Franco. Inspired by the supermodel’s real-life workout regimen, the dynamic video spotlights the Gigi Boot — a limited-editon design collaboration between Stuart Weitzman and Gigi Hadid."

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Cruel Youth - Mr. Watson

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October 22, 2016

Carine Roitfeld - The Client (2011)

"Carine Roitfeld made a triumphant return to Paris Couture Week - and W's cameras went along for the ride, following the charming editrix to more than 20 fashion shows, to fittings with couturiers from Jean Paul Gaultier to the reclusive Azzedine Alaïa, and, finally, to a two-day shoot with photographer Paolo Roversi."

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Izzy Bizu - Diamond

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October 21, 2016

Kew's Forgotten Queen (BBC, 2016)

"Within Kew Gardens stands an extraordinary gallery, celebrating the work of one of the most prolific botanical artists of the Victorian age. At a time when women barely left their parlour rooms, Marianne North's globe-trotting exploits defied convention as she travelled alone at the height of the British Empire."

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Llibre Vermell - Stella splendens

A pilgrim song from the 14th-century Red Book of Montserrat.

Stella Splendens
Stella splendens in monte
ut solis radium
miraculis serrato
exaudi populum
concurrunt universi
gaudentes populi
divites et egeni
grandes et parvolis
ipsum ingredientur
ut cernunt occuli
et inde reventuntur
hic ave Maria

Bright Star
A bright star miraculously
shining on the mountain
like sunshine.
Hark the mass
all people rejoicing,
the rich and the poor,
the greatest and the pettiest,
are gathering as well
as we are self-witnessing,
let’s all herald once more
this: Hail Mary

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October 20, 2016

Wheelharp - Nicholas Pike

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Yaybahar by Görkem Şen

Yaybahar by Görkem Şen from Olgu Demir on Vimeo.

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Omen - Guilhem Desq (Hurdy Gurdy)

Wait for it.

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October 19, 2016

Anilah - Medicine Chant

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October 18, 2016

Britain's Lost Masterpieces -1. Swansea (2016)

This really is very good.

"The Swansea museum store contains everything from a stuffed pigeon to a police car, but can Bendor and Jacky reveal a multimillion-pound lost masterpiece that will not only become a jewel of Swansea museum's collection, but also rewrite art history? Also, a rare appearance at the museum of a giant painting of local coal miners prompts Jacky to re-examine the life of the man who painted them, the renowned Polish artist Josef Herman. She tracks down those who remember him in south Wales."

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Skills And The Bunny Crew - Amoritmética

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October 17, 2016

Fully capable of entertaining myself in prison for decades, if need be

"Anywho, after that first FBI raid I started reading those little guides on life in prison that one finds online and noticed several references to role-playing games. When I got to the jail unit at Federal Correctional Institution Fort Worth shortly after my arrest, then, I immediately started agitating in favor of a campaign of Dungeons and Dragons or whatever was available, to begin ASAP, with the wooden table in the little corner library to be requisitioned for our use. A huge black guy awaiting trial on complicated fraud charges happened to have the basic mechanics memorized; I drafted him to be the dungeon master. Soon enough I’d also managed to recruit a white meth dealer who was familiar enough with the game to help the rest of us create our characters, a large and bovine Hispanic gangland enforcer who wanted to try the game and was at any rate influential enough to help us secure control over the table, and a fey Southern white guy for atmosphere."

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Heather Alexander - March of Cambreadth

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October 15, 2016

Grimes X HANA - The AC!D Reign Chronicles

"Grimes and Hana come 2 gther w Mac on a 2 week tour in Europe where they film 7 music videos. watch them in their intended order here."

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Engare Sero

"Nine miles from the volcano the Maasai call the 'Mountain of God,' researchers have cataloged a spectacularly rare find: an enormous set of well-preserved human footprints left in the mud between 5,000 and 19,000 years ago."

Some of the tracks seem to show people jogging through the muck, keeping upwards of a 12-minute-mile pace. Other prints imply a person with a slightly strange, possibly broken big toe.

Yet more tracks suggest that around a dozen people, mostly women and children, traveled across the mudflat together, striking toward the southwest for parts unknown. The mud tracked it all—including the dirty droplets that fell from their feet with each step.
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October 11, 2016

Rothko's Room - The Life and Work of an American Artist

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Trevor Yuile - Lacrymosa Final

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October 09, 2016

Ice Queen of Kungur

"We take a trip to the Urals to see the natural beauty and explore all the bends and underground wonders of the Kungur ice cave! It has captured the interest of many scientists internationally. And it's no wonder: this cave is considered one of the most beautiful ice caverns in the world. Anybody who comes here could find an unknown grotto or come across a unique crystal. Not to mention the singing stone... "

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Disclosure ft. Lorde - Magnets

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October 08, 2016


"On warm evenings, urban designer Ken Greenberg likes to serve dinner on his balcony and watch Toronto’s skyline light up in the dusk.

“'It actually is magical,' says the city’s former urban design and architecture chief, whose perch near King and Bathurst Sts. puts him in the front row for the nightly performance."

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Lia Marie Johnson - DNA

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October 07, 2016

The lost streets of Chicago - BBC News

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October 06, 2016

Which is harder to deal with? Horses or dragons?

"Luckily, the dragons aren’t there. (Laughs.) The dragon on set is essentially a 14-foot green pole with a little green ball on the top of it. More often than not, it was me swinging it around and shouting cues for people to know the dragon was passing over them; the ball was there for an eye line. Amazingly, somehow when the dragon’s on set — which, again, is literally a pole — people get excited. Most of the people who work on the show, and even the extras in whatever country you go to, they tend to be massive fans of the show. They all know what the dragon looks like, so it’s not hard to get the excitement level up. Everyone loves horses, but we’ve seen them before, so they’re not as thrilling."

Hat tip to Mr. Percifield.

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CHVRCHES - Empty Threat

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October 05, 2016

Home is Toronto

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October 03, 2016

Sir Gawain and the Green Knight

"Poet Simon Armitage goes on the trail of one of the jewels in the crown of British poetry, Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, written about 600 years ago by an unknown author. The poem has got just about everything - it is an action-packed adventure, a ghost story, a steamy romance, a morality tale and the world's first eco-poem."

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October 01, 2016


"Living organisms – as far as we’ve been able to biologically observe – seem to prefer to uptake carbon-12 to carbon-13, due to metabolic enzymes reacting with carbon-12 more efficiently. If you find an ancient source of carbon and it’s enhanced with carbon-12 as opposed to carbon-13, that’s a good indicator that it’s the remnants of an organic life-form. By looking for graphite, a form of pure carbon, deposited in otherwise highly metamorphosed rocks (things like zircons), we’ve been able to push back well beyond that 1-2 billion year barrier, and had placed the emergence of Earth-life all the way back to 3.8 billion years ago, or just some 750 million years after Earth formed. But as of 2015, we’ve done even better."

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Lorn - Acid Rain

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