August 31, 2010

A report from CSIS

Another post stolen from Vlad Tepes!

Somebody get Michael Ignatieff on the line; with a brain his big*, perhaps he can make the connections eluding the rest of us.

* That's a perfectly cromulent grammatical construction, thank you.

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Lalo Schifrin: Bullitt

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August 30, 2010

Glenn Beck: Restoring Honor (August 28, 2010)

Glenn Beck's Restoring Honor Rally in Washington, D.C.

God bless you, Mr. Beck.

Update: Five Feet of Fury has video of an unscheduled flyover at the beggining of the rally.

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French prostitutes join the human rights protest

Carla Bruni and Isabelle Adjani campaign to save the life of Iranian "adultress" Sakineh Mohammadi-Ashtiani from death by stoning.

In response, Kayhan, a newspaper mouthpiece for the mullahs, calls Carla Bruni and Isabelle Adjani prostitutes.

Kayhan (which means ‘Universe’ in English), the Iranian daily newspaper which acts as a mouthpiece for the country’s regime, has now accused 42-year-old Ms Bruni-Sarkozy of being a hypocrite.

An editorial in the paper points to her chequered love life, which has included numerous relationships with high-profile celebrities. Entitled ‘French prostitutes join the human rights protest,’ the article singles out Ms Bruni-Sarkozy and Isabelle Adjani, the French actress and friend of the First Lady who is also calling for Sakineh’s release. Kayhan aims to ‘defend the ideology of the Islamic Revolution’ and is directly under the supervision of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s government.

For anyone not familiar with the code, this is to say Carla Bruni and Isabelle Adjani should also be put to death by stoning. Such is the fate of prostitutes and hypocrites under an Islamic conception of human rights.

Take away observation: If anyone does anything to stop Iran going nuclear, Canadians will take to the streets to protest in their thousands.

Because the Left hates women.

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Pat Condell: Bad faith at Ground Zero

This is his best rant to date; I'd quote it but I would have to quote the whole thing. Testify!

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An Alfred Hitchcock documentary on the Nazi Holocaust

An Alfred Hitchcock documentary on the Nazi Holocaust.

a film the British Government deemed too grisly for release after World War II - has received its public debut on British television. Fifteen minutes of the black-and- white film, which was shot by the armed forces after the war, were televised Tuesday night by the Independent Television News.

Thousands of Germans were forced to witness the work of the death camps. These days the Left would say that was the real war crime.

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Yaakov Shapiro: Main Tatnz Klarinet

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August 29, 2010

A word from the faithless and accursed

PressTV/Mouth of Sauron: Amnesty International rebukes Canada's human rights violations, i.e. defunding NGOs like Amnesty International.

Amnesty International's new secretary general has sharply criticized the Canadian government for its "serious" human rights violations. Salil Shetty told the CIVICUS World Assembly on Citizen Participation on Monday that Amnesty International is increasingly concerned "about the serious worsening" of Canada's human rights approach.

"There is a real shrinking of democratic spaces in this country... Many organizations have lost their funding for raising inconvenient questions," AFP quoted Shetty as saying.

Also, something about boy band member Omar Khadr.

In related news: Salil Shetty needs a swift kick in the nuts.

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Hayley Westenra: Wuthering Heights

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August 28, 2010

Adapt or die

Vive la France.

Un: Nicolas Sarkozy to foreign-born French: Target police and lose your citizenship.

A sweeping and blunt proposal by French President Nicolas Sarkozy to strip French citizenship from persons of foreign origin who endanger police is bringing storms of protest by minority groups and the opposition who accuse the president of a new low in playing the race and ethnic card to appeal to the French far right.

Because minority groups always protest in the streets to defend their right to target police.

Deux: French proposal would strip naturalized citizens of nationality if convicted of serious crimes.

France's immigration minister says he's amending a bill to allow the government to strip naturalized French citizens of their nationality if they commit crimes punishable by five or more years in prison.

Eric Besson says he will also propose that repeat offenders born in France to foreign parents could be denied French citizenship.

Trois: France's crackdown on Romas continues, hundreds deported.

France today deported hundreds more Roma in defiance of growing domestic and international criticism of its crackdown on travelling minorities. Two specially chartered planes carrying Roma men, women and children left Paris's Charles de Gaulle airport and Lyon in east-central France and touched down in Bucharest mid-afternoon. "The police told us we could choose between leaving now, on our own accord, or be expelled by force later," said one young Roma man, who declined to be identified. "So we agreed to leave."

"Travelling minorities" should win a Marxist euphemism award of some kind. Then the writer should be shot dead.

Khat: Foreign-born polygamists to be stripped of French citizenship.

President Nicolas Sarkozy and his cabinet will meet next week to discuss how stripping citizenship from foreign-born nationals who practise polygamy and female genital mutilation. According to press reports, Interior Minister Brice Hortefeux will also propose withdrawing all welfare benefits from men who have more than one wife.

If England or America had done any of this, the Left would have an embolism. Which would be a plus.

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I even seen me a shark eat an octopus

An upgraded Akula hunter-killer* submarine has reportedly been stalking a Vanguard SSBN ("boomer" to the Yanks, "bomber" to the Brits) in the North Atlantic in an attempt to record its acoustic signature.

Navy commanders are understood to have ordered a Trafalgar-class hunter-killer submarine to protect the Vanguard. A recording of the Akula was made by the Trafalgar submarine's sonar operators and has been played to The Daily Telegraph.

"The Russians have been playing games with us, the Americans and French in the North Atlantic," a senior Navy commander said.

Not a problem. Give it a few years and there won't be a Royal Navy left for the Russians to play tag with.

* This is a NATO designation. Somewhat confusingly, the Russian's call their big bastard Typhoon SSBNs "Akula".

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Aleister Crowley: Vive la France!

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August 27, 2010

Christopher Hitchens: 2010 Daniel Pearl Memorial Lecture

Christopher Hitchens delivers the Daniel Pearl Memorial Lecture at UCLA.

On March 3, 2010, author and journalist Christopher Hitchens delivered the 2010 Daniel Pearl Memorial Lecture at UCLA. The lecture was presented by the UCLA Burkle Center for International Relations, the Daniel Pearl Foundation and the Yitzhak Rabin Hillel Center for Jewish Life at UCLA.

Christopher Hitchens takes questions from audience.

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Prince: Let's Go Crazy / Take Me With U

The opposite of jihad? A smurf love bomb to you all!

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August 26, 2010

Michael Savage: Tears Up Michael Bloomberg - 8-25-2010

Hat tip to Five Feet of Fury.

EXACTLY: "If you want to march into a box-car, follow Bloomberg."

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Moon-o-theism, Part VI: The Moonwalker

Another terror arrest in Ottawa, this one a Canadian Idol contestant (both the link and video stolen from Vlad Tepes for great justice).

He should have been deported for using the expression "2K5". And for moonwalking.*

Khuram Sher auditioned for season 6 of Canadian Idol. Sher was detained Aug. 26, 2010 as part of an RCMP national security investigation.

Her name isn't "April" Lavigne, btw. But I would have liked to hear some Hilary Duff. Encore!

In case you were wondering, he is wearing a cheval kamise and "the biggest topi known to mankind."

* Get your Moon Idol jokes while they're fresh, folks.

For reference: The Khuram Sher Facebook fan page.

Updating with factoids: He's a pathologist, recently hired by St. Thomas-Elgin General Hospital. A Muslim doctor planning terror attacks; it boggles the mind.

Expect the RCMP to take flack for naming their investigation Proect Samosa (take that, culturally insensitive Americans!)

Three men arrested Wednesday were preparing to build improvised explosive devices for attacks within Canada, police say.

They were also raising money to fund IED attacks on Canadian troops in Afghanistan, RCMP chief superintendent Serge Therriault said Thursday at a news conference in Ottawa.

Two of the accused, Hiva Mohammad Alizadeh and Misbahuddin Ahmed, were taken into custody in Ottawa Wednesday. The third, Khurram Syed Sher, was arrested in London, Ont.

They should have stuck to raising funds to attack Israel. They could have got tickets to sail with CUPE.

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Levi-O-sa. Not levio-SAH.

Because this place has become such a downer.

Because at the Flea it is all about the caring. And the mwa mwa.

People Tree takes Emma Watson to Bangladesh to visit the slum homes of garment factory workers. Emma also visits Fair Trade producer group Swallows to see how People Tree clothing is made. The end result is the new autumn winter collection which is endorsed by Emma Watson.

Emma Watson said: 'Although I wasn't centrally involved in the design of this collection, I had great fun in helping People Tree select some gorgeous Fair Trade textiles -- a dogtooth hand-woven check, cable knits, and the first Fair Trade hand-woven brushed checked fabric which has been made into easy tulip skirts, dresses and shirts. There are even a few party dresses, such as the little black satin tulip dress which can be dressed up or down to suit any occasion'
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Rock bottom

Here, at long last, we should find rock bottom.

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Finally, the media is actually doing it's job

Pamela Geller: "This guy is dirty."

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Ofra Haza feat. Iggy Pop: Daw Da Hiya

Remember feminism? Just more fuel for the Left's bonfire of the sanities.

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August 25, 2010


Stole this from Kathy.

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John Barry: Moonraker - Flight Into Space

John Barry conducting the City Of Prague Philharmonic. I want this played at my funeral freeze drying.

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August 24, 2010


Dorothy Sayers on the sin that believes in nothing.

In this world it is called Tolerance, but in hell it is called indifference, the sin that believes in nothing, cares for nothing, seeks to know nothing, interferes with nothing, enjoys nothing, hates nothing, finds purpose in nothing, lives for nothing, and remains alive because there is nothing for which it will die.

More at the link.

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Miss Moral Beauty

Coming soon to a womens studies program near you.

Contest supervisor Khadhraa Al-Mubarak: In our contacts with girls in general, we noticed that they follow false notions, due to the purposeless Western notions, conveyed by some TV channels. The girls are preoccupied with their external appearance only. This is how we came up with the idea of creating an alternative. So we thought of a contest for the title of moral beauty queen. The goal is, first and foremost, to spread virtue, even if through different means. In this contest, we focus on the theme of honoring ones parents.

Don't forget about preventing vice!

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Well f*ck you, Hans Brix

Not anti-war. Just on the other side.

"One day after Iran launched its first nuclear power plant, former UN chief weapons inspector Hans Blix has hailed 'positive' cooperation between Tehran and Moscow."

In a more civilized age, he would have been given a last cigarette, asked for a few more banal words and then shot at dawn.

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Static Revenger & Richard Vission feat. Luciana: I Like That

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August 23, 2010

MK Danny Danon (Likud): We all have to awake

"I think we all have to awake and understand we have a problem with Iran."

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Deadmau5: Strobe

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August 22, 2010

Our misplaced compassion

Ezra Levant: "71% of Tamil "refugees" go back to Sri Lanka for holidays."

This should be the beginning and the end of the argument.

How bad is life back in Sri Lanka for Tamil refugees?

Are they tortured? Do they have a well-founded fear of persecution?

Are things so bloody bad over there that we have to let a boatload of them into Canada, just because they showed up?

No. But day is night and wrong is right and if the navy were to sink the next lot, somehow we would be the bad guys.

Directly related: "Is there really anyone in Britain who needs to beg?"

Yes, they are called tax-payers.

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Chloé: Diva

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August 21, 2010

That's the spirit

God rest Bill Millin, a Scottish bagpiper who played highland tunes as his fellow commandos landed at Normandy.

The young piper was approached shortly before the landings by the brigade’s commanding officer, Brig. Simon Fraser, who as the 15th Lord Lovat was the hereditary chief of the Clan Fraser and one of Scotland’s most celebrated aristocrats. Against orders from World War I that forbade playing bagpipes on the battlefield because of the high risk of attracting enemy fire, Lord Lovat, then 32, asked Private Millin to play on the beachhead to raise morale.

When Private Millin demurred, citing the regulations, he recalled later, Lord Lovat replied: “Ah, but that’s the English War Office. You and I are both Scottish, and that doesn’t apply.”

The only way out is through.

But first men must remember that they are men.

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And the fire ran along upon the ground

Eeyore posts a CNN interview/hit piece with Pastor Terry Jones of the Dove World Outreach Center in Florida, noted for his plan to burn the Koran on 9/11.

Some words Pastor Jones might usefully have said but did not find the words to say.

He should have said, “If the Nazis had taken over 50 countries and were imposing strict Nazi laws and oppression on the people in those lands, then burning Mein Kampf would be a very rational symbolic resistance to that oppression” and he would be right, no matter how many Nazis it would have ‘offended’.

Too many Christians have misread II Corinthians 6:3. I can think of no greater stumbling block before the truth than a dissembling, feigned and cowardly respect for the ministry of Satan. In these days, to give offense is now a moral obligation.

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Big Country: The Storm

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August 20, 2010

The truth is knowledge and knowledge is power

We used to be taught lessons in civics and the classics, in the fundamentals of citizenship. From kindergarteners to post-graduates, we now find ourselves in the ruins tutored only in grievance by a second generation of instructors who were never taught properly themselves. Never having been exposed to the truth, let alone the means to seek after the truth, they are not intellectually, let alone spiritually, capable of teaching anything worthwhile themselves.

There must be a lingering commitment to duty and scholarship in mainland China. How else to explain the fact Lieutenant General Yazhou Liu has grasped a simplisme beyond the ken of student council president in Washington.

''The secret of US success is neither Wall Street nor Silicon Valley, but its long-surviving rule of law and the system behind it,'' he says. ''The American system is said to be 'designed by genius and for the operation of the stupid'.

''A bad system makes a good person behave badly while a good system makes a bad person behave well. Democracy is the most urgent thing, without it there can be no sustainable rise.''
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Dalida: Bang Bang

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August 19, 2010

The peasants are revolting

Charles Windsor lectures the great unwashed.

Prince Charles has told British families to take shorter showers to help protect the environment.

The instruction came at the end of a list of 20 lifestyle changes recommended by the Prince of Wales for his new green campaign, Start.

Background: Peasants, know your place!

The Duchy owns 54,090 hectares of land across 23 counties. There are over 3,500 individual lettings, including 700 agricultural agreements, 700 residential agreements, and 1,000 commercial agreements.

The portfolio is managed in five geographical districts: London – commercial property and the Kennington estate; Eastern – estates in Somerset, Dorset, Wiltshire and Gloucestershire; Hereford; Western – estates in Devon and Cornwall; and The Isles of Scilly. There are satellite offices on Dartmoor and at Poundbury.

The properties cover everything from large farms of more than 650 hectares to small gardens, office premises to craft workshops, Highgrove House to barn conversions, along with new developments such as Poundbury.
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You're the next Kris Donald

"Shaun Paul McNally, 14, was playing outside his home when a pack of Asian youths punched, kicked and spat on him and battered him with metal poles."

They shouted: “You’re the next Kriss Donald! We’re going to murder you!” The gang dragged Shaun Paul towards their car but he managed to get himself free and fled. He told the Record: “I’m lucky to be alive.” Kriss, 15, was tortured, stabbed and set on fire by a racist Asian gang six years ago. And Shaun Paul was assaulted just a few streets from the spot where Kriss was kidnapped."

Click through for the rest if you can stomach the truth.

Today Scotland. Toronto tomorrow.

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Herbert A. Philbrick: What Is Communism?

With a hat tip to the Binkster.

"How could any free and intelligent people living in country like America let a gang of vicious outsiders come in and take over?"

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Roscoe Holcomb: I am a man of constant sorrow

Remember America?

And a more upbeat rendition by the Soggy Bottom Boys for my Dad.

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August 18, 2010

Author Christopher Hitchens

Charlie Rose interviews Christopher Hitchens. In which Rose is not wearing socks and the Hitch quotes Samuel Johnson:

"Every man thinks meanly of himself if he has never been a soldier or not having been to sea."


This is Hitch on an excellent day (with a grateful hat tip to the Armored Facilities Manager).

Related: From two years ago but still news. Prince Harry can look every soldier in the eye.

It is an old joke, vintage late-Victorian Punch magazine, the time of the second Afghan War, but still one that brings an affectionate smile at the thought of infantry-cavalry rivalry: what is the role of cavalry on the modern battlefield? Answer, to lend tone to what otherwise would be a mere vulgar brawl.

King Harry, please.

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The Presets: Girl And The Sea

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August 17, 2010

Carry on up the hajj

Pilgrims at Mecca chant "There Is No God But Allah, and America Is The Enemy of Allah!"

So good to have friends. Of peace. Let's sell them advanced F-15s. Hat tip to Rochelle.

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Middle of the Road: Samson and Delilah

Coming soon to a Middle East near you: The Samson Option.

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August 16, 2010

Robert Plant: Big Log

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August 15, 2010

The Occupation of Britain

HIter's Britain imagines an alternate history where the Nazis invaded and occupied Britain, a counter-factual fiction based on plans developed by Adolph Hitler and General von Brauschitz.

Churchill did what he had to do to prevent this from happening. He was prepared to do anything to prevent this from happening.

Sidebar: Von Brauschitz and the rest of the German army high command knew what the SS was doing.

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Metallica: Ecstasy of Gold

From a tribute album to Ennio Morricone.

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August 14, 2010

Charles I enters the House of Commons

The traitor king.

Diction lesson: Parliament has four syllables.

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Wishbone Ash: The King Will Come

The true king.

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August 13, 2010

Military Reunion

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The Greasy Chip Butty Song

Every one together now.

You fill up my senses
Like a gallon of Magnet
Like a packet of Woodbines
Like a good pinch of snuff
Like a night out in Sheffield
Like a greasy chip butty
Like Sheffield United
Come fill me again....
Na Na Na Naa Naa Naaaaa, ooo!
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University cuts of 35% will be worst since the Great Depression

By a strange coincidence, the United Kingdom is faced with its worst economic circumstances since the 1930s. What are the odds?

From the comments, common sense.

Henceforth to be known as "comment sense". Due to the wit.

"Amazing how old battles carry on regardless of the cause. "Bring back the Polytechnics" means bring back the binary divide. penalize those upstart institutions that dare to call themselves 'universities' rather than ancient institutions"
- Scott Ford, London SW7, 13/8/2010 13:18

@Scott. This is not true. Polytechnics and Universities were different. The main aim of the Polytechnics was teaching, not research. I was an undergraduate at a polytechnic and a post-graduate student at a top 20 university. There was a massive difference: the polytechnic hired ex-practitioners who in general were good lecturers and academic standards were maintained through reviews by the CNAA. I gained a good degree. The top 20 university hired academics who were in general: poor lecturers, lazy and only interested in their research. The course was poor and the qualification worthless. In my humble opinion the Polytechnics were far superior to Universities for students who wanted a non-academic career.
- Steve West, Cambs UK, 13/8/2010 13:57
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Madness: They Call It Madness

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August 12, 2010

Check and check

In which Ace makes yet another fundamental observation on the art, nay, the science of blogging.

Successful bloggers tend to be angry and specialize in below-the-belt cheap shots. (Yup: check and check for me.)
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The whole secret of the universe

From Return Trip to Nirvana (pdf) by Arthur Koestler, Sunday Telegraph, 12 March 1961.

While working on the material I was reminded of a story George Orwell once told me (I do not recall whether he published it): a friend of his, while living in the Far East, smoked several pipes of opium every night, and every night a single phrase rang in his ear, which contained the whole secret of the universe; but in his euphoria he could not be bothered to write it down and by the morning it was gone. One night he managed to jot down the magic phrase after all, and in the morning he read: “The banana is big, but its skin is even bigger.”
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Styx: The Best Of Times


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August 11, 2010

Iran in the 1970s


The 1970s in Iran resemble the 1970s anywhere else in the popular imagination. If Satan had not claimed the place, generations of young women could have warmed their toes in the sun as these women, their mothers, did before them. But Satan did claim Iran and half of humanity was consigned to the darkness at a stroke. Almost no one, not even the most committed counter-jihadis, truly understad how quickly it can happen here.

It is already happening here.

The Left demonstrate takes to the street to defend the Satanic imperative that took Iran. Feminists seeing these images would see them a grotesque examples of "patriarchy", certainly no better than being condemned to a bin liner.

This via Ace of Space HQ with thoughts on Sansabelt slacks; snark a last refuge for what is left of sanity in the face of elemental evil.

Related: "[Theo van Gogh] told me that the Dutch had an expression he held dear: vrijheid, blijheid. It means, he told me, 'freedom is happiness.'"

In the United States, it was Election Day when Theo van Gogh was murdered--the day when the country would choose either to keep in office the man who had sworn to fight Islamic extremism and oppression by spreading democracy across the Muslim world, or to be rid of him. What no one realized was that even before the polls had opened, whether George W. Bush won the election that day or not, that morning on the streets of Amsterdam, democracy had already lost.
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Christopher Hitchens on antisemitism

Video at Vlad Tepes. While these appear to be brief (under ten minutes in total), I have to save them until later but it appears Martin Amis is still in attendance.

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Robyn feat. Röyksopp: None Of Dem

There is a phasing stab at 4:37 that is straight out of Blade Runner. I have played this ten times in a row so far this morning.

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August 10, 2010

The Memory Hole

Compare and contrast: Here is today's version of the RS Foundation About Us page. As I post this, the page has precisely nothing to say.

By contrast, here is a snapshot of the RS Foundation About Us page via the all seeing Google cache.

How is the media supposed to credit Shujaat Wasty with all the great Truthing he does as Director of the RS Foundation if their website comes over all coy on the subject? Assuming the media ever takes an interest. Imagine all that charitable work and not taking credit for it.

Credit. Blame. Who am I to judge?

For posterity.


Shujaat Wasty has a Masters in Education with a background in Business Management and Southern Asian Studies. He works for the Government of Canada and is currently pursuing further graduate studies. His work and research interests include social justice through health and educational empowerment.

Does anyone have a contact directory for Canada's federal civil service?

Just asking.

Related: I was in a meeting and missed yesterday's Michael Ignatieff Q&A. Comments at The Works or whatever that site is called suggest he ducked any questions on Canada's pot laws; this despite a clear interest in the subject. I am taking a wild guess he did not have anything to say about the Blood Libel MasterCard.

Ignatieff and 100% of the rest of Canada's Establishment. The cowards.

Update: Maria forwards a link to a transcript of the Ignatieff chat (thanks!). 10,000 quatloos to the Flea-reader prepared to wade through it and let us know what he said.

Updaterer: That didn't take long. Are Liberals "progressive?" "Respectfully" why does this ass want to be Prime Minister? Jesus wept.

Seeing as cookies are now banned in this pre-school excuse for a political culture, me and the Cookie Monster are heading out back for a toke.

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The Persians

The National Theatre Wales is staging a new version of Aeschylus' The Persians by Kaite O'Reilly at a British Army traning village in the Brecon Beacons. Even the most irritating promotional video in the history of the Welsh people could not stop me going; the Atlantic ocean and a sold out sign have that covered.

My enthusiasm explained: The cast is also made up of former members of the "internationally acknowledged" experimental performance company Brith Gof.

And then: A much better, if no more informative, promotional video. Wales features.

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Roger Waters: Me or Him

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August 09, 2010

Oceania has never been at war with Eastasia

The United States and Vietnam demonstrate their military relationship with an American carrier visit.

The USS George Washington's stop was officially billed as a commemoration of last month's 15th anniversary of a resumption of diplomatic relations between the former foes. But the timing also reflects Washington's heightened interest in maintaining security and stability in the Asia-Pacific region.
Chinese navy ships were seen shadowing the USS George Washington at a distance over the past several days as the supercarrier made its way through the South China Sea along Vietnam's eastern coast, US navy officials said.

Oceania has always been at war with Eurasia.

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Yelle: Je Veux Te Voir

So hot it's physically painful to watch.


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August 08, 2010

O frabjous day

io9 has frabjous tidings:

"Jane Badler, a.k.a. the villainous Visitor Diana from the original V series, will be joining the cast of ABC's V next season as a new Diana. This time, she'll play lizard queen Anna's alien mother."

Both this happy news and the following illustrative backgrounder arrive thanks to Taylor Empire Airways.

I love the Australian you can hear in "tiered". It's the small things that get me going.

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Dutch Joint Strike Fighter order unlikely

The disarmament of the West continues. Good. As I have said before, unless we are prepared to use our weapons we are better off without them. If we do not buy them they cannot fall into the hands of some Emir. The Caliphate won't be able to maintain its bounty arsenals, still less replace them, but they will be able to do a lot of damage before they are through with them.

True for the "British". Truer, sooner, for the "Dutch" under their incoming prime minister Mark Rutte.

[S]ources say Rutte is in favour of buying a second test aircraft in order to guarantee the participation of Dutch firms in the development and production process.
The paper says Rutte is well aware that ordering JSF aircraft at a cost of €6bn would be very sensitive at a time of cuts in education, healthcare and social security spending. He is committed to finding austerity measures to generate €18bn in savings between now and 2015.

With so many new mouths to feed, cloth, house, educate and treat, small wonder the few remaining Dutch can no longer afford to defend themselves.

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Turban renewal

Or turban decay?

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Eminem: Love The Way You Lie ft. Rihanna

"Maybe that's what happens when a tornado meets a volcano." Brilliant, terrifying; the man is a genius. This is a message from the heart of a disordered relationship, a narcissistic personality and an enabling codependent partner; excrutiating to live and notoriously difficult to address, let alone represent. But not for impossible for Marshall Mathers, apparently.

The Rimbaud comparisons are tiresome, I realize, but when they are apt what choice do we have but to make them?

Update: Welcome New York Times readers. Feel free to take a look around. You shall find much here to infuriate you.

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August 07, 2010

Frank Chickens: We Are Ninja

Happy Godzilla's Birthday!

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Aelita: Queen of Mars (1924)

Have to love those proletarian revolutions spearheaded by... the monarch. Such is life on Mars. Or "green" England.

Aelita (Russian: Аэлита), also known as Aelita: Queen of Mars, is a silent film directed by Soviet filmmaker Yakov Protazanov made on Mezhrabpom-Rus film studio and released in 1924. It was based on Alexei Tolstoy's novel of the same name. Mikhail Zharov and Igor Ilyinsky were cast in leading roles.

Though the main focus of the story is the daily lives of a small group of people during the post-war Soviet Union, the enduring importance of the film comes from its early science fiction elements. It primarily tells of a young man, Los (Russian: Лось, literary Elk), traveling to Mars in a rocket ship, where he leads a popular uprising against the ruling group of Elders, with the support of Queen Aelita who has fallen in love with him after watching him through a telescope.
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August 06, 2010

Welcome to the front lines

Saif Cathum faces thirty-five charges after a search finds IEDs in an Ottawa home.

An Ottawa man has been charged after police found and seized improvised explosive devices (IEDs), firearms and other weapons from a home near Alta Vista and Heron on Thursday, according to a police statement.

The war is here. And those who have not swords can still die upon them.

Exit question: Is this the same Saif Cathum who was injured fleeing the police in 2003?

The officers went to the intersection and saw Mr. Cathum exit his vehicle and flee on foot. He ran a short distance and fell on the lawn of a nearby residence, pulling out a small knife from his pocket. Police followed Mr. Cathum and ordered him to drop the knife. Mr. Cathum brought the knife up to his neck and slashed at his throat before collapsing back onto the lawn.

Think of the expense saving his life. We haven't finished paying yet.

Update: Moose and Squirrel ask after the inevitable.

I wonder if we’ll help fund a sympathetic play about him too.
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A prayer for the stoic

Anderson Cooper interviews Christopher Hitchens. Tough to watch.

Video at the link.

Here, the thoughts of a Roman and a man (but I repeat myself).

"Epicurus says, In my sickness my conversation was not about my bodily sufferings, nor, says he, did I talk on such subjects to those who visited me; but I continued to discourse on the nature of things as before, keeping to this main point, how the mind, while participating in such movements as go on in the poor flesh, shall be free from perturbations and maintain its proper good. Nor did I, he says, give the physicians an opportunity of putting on solemn looks, as if they were doing something great, but my life went on well and happily. Do, then, the same that he did both in sickness, if thou art sick, and in any other circumstances; for never to desert philosophy in any events that may befall us, nor to hold trifling talk either with an ignorant man or with one unacquainted with nature, is a principle of all schools of philosophy; but to be intent only on that which thou art now doing and on the instrument by which thou doest it."

- Marcus Aurelius, The Meditations - Book Nine
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Dong Feng 21D

China's long rumoured carrier-killer, an anti-ship ballistic missile (ASBM) might not be vapourware.

SinoDefence has a DongFeng 21 development history. China Military Report has DongFeng 21 pictures and commentary.

Update: Welcome Times of India and Eurasia Review readers. Please feel free to have a look round while you are here.

Two further updates: Ry of Castle Argghhh! writes with a link to Arms Control Wonk - "DF-21 Delta: Some Early Thoughts" - and comments thusly.

Basically, they've got to show a tonne on the targeting and detection side.

That's not to say that the impact of such a thing won't be disproportionate to the actual utility, as such things usually go, neh?, since it'd only be a fool who thinks he can sail blithely around in that part of the world since the weapon hasn't been proven with war shots(and that may be the longest---possible run on-- sentence I've written this year).

I'm just not on board with the Gary Brecher aka War Nerd view on this (why have carriers? Carriers are for losers. Everyone should go for subs!).

For anyone not familiar with Gary Brecher's argument: "This is how the carriers will die".

Long time Flea-readers will know I am pro-sub, but submarines cannot project power - and prestige - and carriers can and do. That said.... Describing the DF-21D as a harassment weapon, J.E. Dyer's discussion of the challenges faced by China's missile designers is not the main question. We should rather be thinking in terms of how an ASBM will be deployed tactically alongside other weapons systems to make life difficult for a carrier and its escort group to do what they have been deployed to do. Busy the group defending itself to the point it cannot project power: In this way lies "senility" for carrier-based power projection.

If the DF-21D is mainly a nuisance, these issues can be addressed in the medium term with tactics, while we look for longer-term fixes in technology. But the DF-21D will be only one of the disruptions a naval force faces. It’s probably not going to be a very effective way to literally “kill” a carrier for some years to come. A submarine nailing the carrier at the keel is a much better bet: take out propulsion, you take out the whole weapon system. Without propulsion, the carrier can’t make the 35 knots of wind over the deck that it needs to recover aircraft. And China has lots of submarines.
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Indo-Russian Defence Ties

This is a year old but it is not old news.

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Múm: Ballad OF Broken Birdie (ruxpin remix II)

Hat tip to Sean.

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August 05, 2010



On the one hand The Deep was plotted by an artarded octopus with a hammer. Who was also technical consultant. And written by Simon Donald and Paul Rutman. Who are women.*

On the busier hand Minnie Driver is a submarine commander. WIN!

Here's a game. It's called Miscast. You think of a role, and then you think of the least likely actor to do it. So there's the marriage counsellor played by Arnold Schwarzenegger, and the jihadist by Hugh Grant. Gwyneth Paltrow is a soul diva, Tom Cruise a basketball player, Woody Allen a bodyguard. You get the idea. I'm sure you can think of better ones. Minnie Driver as a submarine commander? Well, that's what she really is – in underwater thriller The Deep (BBC1).

Hello! I'm sorry, I'm just not having that. And she's doing very little to convince me to change my mind. She's impulsive and emotional, scatty, hello darling, mwah mwah, and dressed all wrong. She's a rubbish commander too, makes some really bad decisions.

Which is an accurate assessment but which is also all you need to know about The Guardian. They don't get anything.

* Watch the show and tell me I'm wrong.

Update: Mwah mwah in action! (Episode 1 recap, hence spoilers.)

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Polish mineral waters: The debate continues

Am drinking Nałęczowianka, high in calcium and magnesium. Yet somehow the nagging feeling I should be drinking Cisowianka remains.

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Iggy Pop & Goran Bregovic: In the Death Car

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August 04, 2010

The Topic of Cancer

A report from Christopher Hitchens from unfamiliar country.

All too familiar to some of us.

A warning: Upsetting stuff related by a master of prose.

Myself, I love the imagery of struggle. I sometimes wish I were suffering in a good cause, or risking my life for the good of others, instead of just being a gravely endangered patient. Allow me to inform you, though, that when you sit in a room with a set of other finalists, and kindly people bring a huge transparent bag of poison and plug it into your arm, and you either read or don’t read a book while the venom sack gradually empties itself into your system, the image of the ardent soldier or revolutionary is the very last one that will occur to you. You feel swamped with passivity and impotence: dissolving in powerlessness like a sugar lump in water.

God bless you, Mr. Hitchens. I know you don't see it this way but you are still doing the Lord's work.

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The gentlemen do battle: The Chap Olympiad

This 2009 iteration of a most excellent sporting event is brought to you by the 418th issue of the Steynian, Canada's premiere blog round up.

Directly related: The 6th Annual Chap Olympiad 2010 with a hat tip to the inestimable Five Feet of Fury.

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The king of comics - Jack Kirby

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David Bowie: Unwashed and Somewhat Slightly Dazed

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August 03, 2010

Birds of Tokyo: The Saddest Thing I Know (official 3D HD version)

I know I have some 3D glasses kicking around somewhere (hat tip to Ben, who sees in 3D naturally due to a physical deformity).

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August 02, 2010

Reagan tells Soviet jokes

Oh bless.

And a reminder of the 1964 Republican National Convention. God bless.

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Michael the Archangel, defend us in the day of battle

"My rosary saved me."

A soldier who stood on a landmine and was shot in the chest in Afghanistan is convinced a rosary saved his life in exactly the same way as his great-grandfather towards the end of World War II.

Glenn Hockton, 19, who is now home from a seven-month tour of duty with the Coldstream Guards in Helmand Province, was on patrol when his rosary suddenly fell from his neck.

His mother Sheri Jones said today: 'He felt like he had a slap on the back. He bent down to pick up his rosary to see if it was broken. As he bent down he realised he was on a landmine.'

His great-grandfather's story at the link.

By contrast: British soldier forced to leave England with family for safety.

And with this news, England has died. Not with a bang but a whimper.

Sometimes you have to wonder if one is dreaming all this. If I had said to someone 15 years ago, that British soldiers would not be safe in their own country because of Britain’s own government, no one but no one would have taken me seriously and some would suggest I needed medical help. I might have thought so myself.
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Happy Simcoe Day

Tereza Frank: Luna

Evgeniya Vlasova: Budu Silnyeye

Armia: Armia-sverxy

Петр Листерман: продает Группу Голливуд

NikitA: Mashina. Set speakers to 11!

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August 01, 2010

This blog is now about Karen Gillan


Thank you for your cooperation.

I should probably mention neither of these first two are remotely safe for work. Or polite company.

Also, I haven't worked out how to get around YouTube's embed restrictions. Working the problem.

More for me then.

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We feel so much safer, there’s no racism here

Says a 19-year-old unauthorized migrant who moved to New Mexico from Arizona last month.

If the people of New Mexico agree with him, they deserve him.

New Mexico is an attractive alternative, for several reasons beyond its proximity next door to Arizona. New Mexico, unlike Arizona, issues driver's licenses to undocumented immigrants who live there and have ID cards from the Mexican consulate. (Indeed, the New Mexico Department of Taxation and Revenue, which oversees the Motor Vehicle Department, reports a 30 percent increase in the number of new licenses issued by the state this spring over the same period last year. Asked whether this might be due to a migration from Arizona, S.U. Mahesh, the spokesman for the New Mexico MVD, said, “We can’t speculate.”)

It's working.

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The Decline: The Geography of a Recession

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The Gun Club: The Breaking Hands & Araby

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