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August 06, 2010

Shame on you, National Post

Canadian Living and MasterCard are in business with a 9/11 Truther. Canadians deserve to know where their "charitable" donations are going. Let's say especially Muslim-Canadians eager to use sharia-compliant plastic but appalled at anti-Semitic rhetoric.

That's all Muslim-Canadians, right?

I am not saying anyone on the National Post editorial board is scanning the Flea for headlines. But I am saying between Blazing Cat Fur and Jay Currie and Square Mile Wife who broke the story, there is no chance they are still in the dark on the subject at Canada's supposed right-of-centre daily broadsheet.

Or at the PMO, for that matter.

I have yet to receive so much as a reply, let alone an explanation and apology, from Canadian Living. They don't care about our opinions. They don't care about yet another blood libel against the Jews. They don't think the issue will change their bottom line.

For all I know, the people running Canadian Living are 9/11 Truthers themselves. If not in principle, they certainly are in practice and to my mind that's as near as makes no difference.

How many of the Canadians murdered on 9/11 grew up with Canadian Living in their doctor's waiting room? With recipes their mother's had clipped from the magazine? As they were burned or crushed or fell to their deaths, how many could have imagined their deaths would be perverted by men in business with Canadian Living before the decade was out?

Nazism is born in grievance and street violence but Nazism is nurtured and sustained in the living room. In the kitchen. In your doctor's waiting room. Nazism is a phenomenon of received opinion, of polite society. Of go-along-to-get-along. Of just-making-a-living.

Canada is no different than it was in the 1930s. Or the 1860s for that matter. Holier than thou after the fact but cheerleading for the villains until we are dead certain they have lost (because the Americans have once again done the right thing and kicked their asses good and hard).

You lot at the National Post are no better. To this point, you haven't cared to draw attention to the issue unless, of course, you have been shilling for it.

For shame.

Exit observation: Should any of the bright sparks at Canadian Living's ad department click through. That's your traffic vs my traffic. In case you think nobody is paying attention.

On an average day I'd say you have about six times my visitors online. But then you claim to have over a half million paid subscribers.

We'll see about that.


One more thing: I don't have Pam Geller on speed dial. If anyone does, could you please let her know what is going on up here.

Update: Blazing Cat Fur calls it the Blood Libel Mastercard. Because that is what it is.

Blazing Cat Fur has also been reporting on the MohammedCard (plenty more where that came from) and links between the RS Foundation and Human Concern International (HCI). Any Jawas reading this might consider following the lead.

Are you paying attention Canadian Living? MasterCard? That isn't two short steps to Holocaust denial. That is two short steps to Holocaust enthusiasm. Don't take my word for it (because how should I know). Take Osama bin Laden's (he's the expert).

Cancel your subscription to Canadian Living. Tell them why.

Update: Square Mile Wife makes another important observation.

Now, nobody pays me to do this, but after Canadian Living shilled for the card in their August 2010 issue it only took me a morning of research to discover these connections.

The blogosphere: Doing the research the mainstream media is paid to do but doesn't.

Update: Welcome Jawas. Rusty comments:

It looks like the thing that's animating both Flea and Square Mile Wife the most is that Canadian Living is promoting the card. As for me it's MasterCard corporation itself which is the most culpable. Don't these guys know who they're in bed with?

Whereas Brad, in the comments.

The card has frequent flyer miles, but you can only purchase One Way tickets.

Update August 9, 2010: In which I ask Michael Ignatieff, leader of the Liberal Party of Canada and Her Majesty's loyal opposition, a question about MasterCard and sharia compliant plastic.

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