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August 20, 2010

800 cubits


Compare and contrast*:

Distance from Ground Zero mosque to Ground zero: 400 yards.

Distance from the ground to the roof of the WTC towers: 454 yards (1362 feet).**

Many of the men and women massacred on 9/11 fell further than it would take to walk to the Obama Mosque.

That's if we are to believe the distance from Ground Zero cited by The Daily Mail. If we take the Huffington Post's grander sounding estimate of "a tenth of a mile" that would be a staggering...

... 176 yards.

That would just about get you to the first sky lobby on the 44th floor. There were longer elevator rides in the WTC towers than the stroll around the corner to the proposed mosque site.

Once again: The Left are too stupid to lie, let alone vote. I am stealing the Huffington Post graphic to illustrate the opposite of the point they are trying to make. Call it karmic balance or something.

My point: Fuck you Associated Press.

* Here is yet another factoid for all you bigger conservative outlets to lift without credit. So long as the meme spreads I can live with your success. A reminder to all you contributors to high traffic blogs and to all you high profile pundits: This sort of thing isn't for my benefit let alone yours. But you're welcome all the same.
** That's for 2 WTC. Add another yard or so to the roof of 1 WTC.

Update: A very warm welcome Five Feet of Fury readers. A slightly chillier welcome to lurkers from the CBC.

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