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May 30, 2010

Political violence in Canada

Ali Mallah, Vice President of the Canadian Arab Federation and senior co-conspirator in CUPE, assaults Canadian uber-blogger Blazing Cat Fur as part of a CUPE sponsored anti-Semitic "protest".

Shocking video! Ripped from today's headlines! Ali Mallah a notorious Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE) Union Thug Assaults intrepid blogger Blazingcatfur! Mallah, who is also a Vice President of the virulently anti-semitic Canadian Arab Federation, is well known for his anti-Israel derangement and is shown in the video as he attempts to prevent Blazing from filming an anti-Netanyahu protest sponsored by the Leftist Islamofascist alliance in Toronto. The thugs were there to protest Netanyahu's appearance at the annual Walk with Israel event.

This use of violence against the free press is brought to you by you, the Canadian tax payer.

More video at the link.

Update: Mark Steyn.

From Rushdie to van Gogh to the Motoons, law enforcement has guarded the thugs and harrassed those who draw attention to the thuggery. This is PC policing: There are identity groups who merit the solicitude of the constabulary, and there are the rest of you who don't.

Also: Five Feet of Fury has a round-up.

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