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May 30, 2010

If you want peace

For your edification, The Times missing the point of its own story; a "conservative" government letting a Muslim hate preacher into the UK is hardly news.

Though neither, I suppose, is the following example of cognitive dissonance. Call it the brain damage of the West we cannot understand what Muslims mean by "peace".

Zakir Naik, an Indian televangelist described as a “hate-monger” by moderate Muslims and one Tory MP, says western women make themselves “more susceptible to rape” by wearing revealing clothing.

Naik, who proselytises on Peace TV, a satellite television channel, is reported to have called for the execution of Muslims who change their faith, described Americans as “pigs” and said that “every Muslim should be a terrorist”.


Meanwhile: Now The Guardian has witnessed an actual instance of Islamophobia, dark matter, the cosmic constant and global warming are proved as facts beyond dispute. Science!

Islam, and consequently Muslims, seem to have become a dirty word – only a couple of weeks ago I was on a bus in south London on which a rather flustered weekend dad was trying to control his unruly young son. "You fucker," screamed the boy as his father attempted to stop him from licking the window of the bus. "Don't you dare swear at me you little shit," the dad spat back. "Muslim. You love Muslims you do, you Muslim," was the youngster's bizarre retaliation. I didn't know whether to laugh or despair as the father hissed at his child to "shut the fuck up".

How his father hissed "shut the fuck up" - a sentence without sibilance - remains a mystery. Not a mystery: How Samia Rahman and her editor have full time gigs at The Guardian and I don't.

Also: Face like the back of a bus? Revert to Islam! Who needs a job? Make babies!

At the London Central Mosque in Regent’s Park, women account for roughly two thirds of the “New Muslims” who make their official declarations of faith there – and most of them are under the age of 30.

A new identity is yours for the asking! Masked avenging free with every reversion!

“I chose the name Aqeela because it means ‘sensible and intelligent’ – and that’s what I was aspiring to become when I converted to Islam six years ago. I became a whole new person: everything to do with Lindsay, I’ve erased from my memory."

I kid about the veil thing, obviously. It isn't your looks but your soul that is at issue. In this case, many young women are prepared to sell theirs in exchange for a life and gender role any 1950s housewife could take for granted. Our society having criminalized masculinity for non-Muslims, female refugees from the Establishment Left are turning to the only source of tradition still celebrated by the Left (if only in caricature), Islam. You may think this sounds crazy, an abandonment of generations of feminism. But give it a generation and the children these women carry and the children their feminist sisters don't (at least not to full term) get to decide what is popular, who gets elected and what, if any, public life their mothers and sisters will enjoy.

Exit observation: As ever the comments are more perceptive than the editorial. One describes these young women as "self-indulgent" and suggests this is why they did not find Christianity interesting. That sounds about right to me.

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