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March 31, 2010

How's that orgasmic support for Obama working out for you, Canadians?

Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton* snubs her hosts, i.e. you.

What a great idea! Let’s convince Canada to have its soldiers die on the Af-Pak theater front by insulting them at their own conference. After all, the troops that Sweden, Finland, and Iceland have in Afghanistan — not to mention those of “indigenous groups” — are so much more important strategically to the US and its mission in Afghanistan. While Canada merely contributes almost 3,000 combat troops, Sweden has 500 non-combat personnel in Af-Pak, while Finland has 95. Iceland has … four.
So far in this administration, we’ve managed to alienate the UK, Israel, and now Canada, while talking nicely towards Iran and North Korea with no results to show for it. That, apparently, is “smart power.”

* Rodham is goodspeak. Hussein is badspeak.

Related: Victor Davis Hanson and Obama's Krushchev.

A shaky American leader usually seeks to stand up to powerful regional dictatorships rather than pick on friends — that is, if the point is that the United States is still there for its allies and a formidable foe to its enemies. But apparently that was not the intent at all with Israel.

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