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March 31, 2010

Parliamentary dictatorship

Shelby Steele offers a useful point of difference between freedom and the good explaining as he does so the Left's philosophy of cake-and-eat-it (via Bloodthirsty Liberal).

Of the two great societal goals—freedom and "the good"—freedom requires a conservatism, a discipline of principles over the good, limited government, and so on. No way to grandiosity here. But today's liberalism is focused on "the good" more than on freedom. And ideas of "the good" are often a license to transgress democratic principles in order to reach social justice or to achieve more equality or to lessen suffering. The great political advantage of modern liberalism is its offer of license on the one hand and moral innocence—if not superiority—on the other. Liberalism lets you force people to buy health insurance and feel morally superior as you do it. Power and innocence at the same time.

Take would be philosopher king prophet James Lovelock, for example. In the name of the good, he would have democracy "put on hold" in order to address imaginary catastrophes. But wailing about global warming in the middle of a snow storm is unlikely to convince even the most lumpen amongst the lumpenproletariat Lovelock both loves and despises. Hardly convincing even as hoaxes go, at least the Nazis had the decency to burn the Reichstag. Small wonder Lovelock and his ilk wish to suspend democracy, the rubes aren't falling for it.

As the levers of American democracy fall into the hands of Marxists, we are treated to the unedifying spectacle of a latter day House Un-American Activities Committee bullying companies for accurately reporting their bottom line (as they are required to do by law). In England, the naked exercise of power requires no figleaf as the monarch is sidetracked and the ancient upper house of Parliament is bowdlerized and disbanded.

Such is the West labouring under Parliamentary dictatorship, a situation without parallel since the interregnum (to use the word literally) following the Civil War.

A depressing state of affairs, in other words.

Perhaps thinking along parallel lines to Thomas Bertonneau, I have been reading Spengler, Ortega and, critically, Julius Evola. Without launching into an excursus on Evola's program of reaction (but by all means consider Bertonneau's take on the subject), it occurs to me there is a treasure to be found in the wreck of civilization. With Barack Hussein Obama as the apotheosis of the Left's long march through the institutions, with progressive ideology ensconced at most every university, hospital, prison, police force, and legacy news organization of the West, with Marxists in place of loyal citizens and subjects everywhere from the Archbishopric of Canterbury to the American Presidency, it is a scene of economic, moral and spiritual disaster. Hardly encouraging.

But the armature of civilization remains. Yes, the Levellers have taken Parliament and, in practice, the levers of power. But what they have taken they have only taken by stealth or by guile. They have taken power without the consent of the governed but, more than that, without undermining the principle of sovereignty they seek to usurp. God and the right remain with us.

We are in the right. Our sacred institutions remain. All that remains for us is a Crusade to retake them and, with them, the West.

For example: The enemy (via Blazing Cat Fur).

At some point, preservation of our rights as a free people, demand that university administrators stand up to those who would deprive us of our historical freedoms. We are privileged to live in Canada. However, the propagation of inherently racist and Marxist teachings to those who will form our future educators is improper and is in no way respectful of “diversity”.

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