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November 10, 2008


Tomorrow is Remembrance Day, known to many of you as Armistice Day. By whatever name it is among the most sacred days of the day as we come together to remember and give thanks for a debt that can never be repaid, only honoured.

It is therefore news to inspire horror and contempt that the Canadian Human Rights Commission is to participate in the wreath laying ceremony tomorrow. By their every action and their every political commitment both stated and implicit, I cannot believe the CHRC comprehends, let alone honours, our glorious dead let alone the men and women serving with honour in Afghanistan, the Persian Gulf and around the world.

Blazing Cat Fur has been following the story - with frequent updates and linked commentary - correctly describing the situation as an insult to our veterans. Once again I am forced to conclude everyone is either asleep at the PMO or they have no clue what a red flag the CHRC and its actions have come to be for Canadian "speechers" (a term the Canadian left intends as an insult, as difficult as this may be for American Flea-readers to believe). Ezra Levant suggests we ask Veterans Affairs Minister, Greg Thompson, what he has to say for himself. Good idea. Be as polite as you can. Or at least as polite as you can be regarding an institution whose staff - civil servants, no less - join neo-Nazi bulletin boards, post racist filth, justify their actions in the name of human rights then target Jews, Christians, the poor and the uneducated for their Star Chamber prosecutions.

Veterans everywhere are particularly encouraged to write. I believe our "Conservative" government should be publicly shamed for this travesty. This is an insult and an embarrassment to Canada.

Kathy Shaidle offers the following press release. Forward it far and wide.

Insult to veterans planned for tomorrow -- by Human Rights Commission

The Canadian Human Rights Commission (CHRC) -- the unaccountable quasi-judicial agency that persecutes writers, publishers, pastors and even stand up comedians on the taxpayers' dime -- are trying to repair their lousy public image...

By insulting our honored dead.

Tomorrow, the CHRC plans to lay a wreath during the National Remembrance Day Ceremony in Ottawa.

According to their press release, the wreath is intended to: "commemorate the 60th anniversary of the United Nations' Universal Declaration of Human Rights."

Funny, most ordinary Canadians see Remembrance Day as a chance to honor those who fought to preserve our freedoms -- not to commemorate a meaningless scrap of paper issued by a private club for dictators.

The CHRC's publicity stunt is especially galling considering how many Canadian citizens are now under life-time speech bans imposed by these 'human rights' tribunals, merely for exercising their God-given (not UN given) rights of free speech, assembly and worship.

Concerned Canadians should contact their MPs, as well as the Minister of Veteran's Affairs, to find out why this misnamed government agency -- which works to undermine human rights rather than uphold them -- is being allowed to desecrate the memory of Canadian veterans.

Update: Ezra Levant writing for the National Post: Canada's free speech enemies to lay Remembrance Day wreath.

What would the veterans at that ceremony say, if they knew that Jennifer Lynch, the bigoted Chief Commissioner of the CHRC who presides over even more bigoted staff, made it corporate policy to go online spewing the Nazi filth that our soldiers fought against in the Second World War?

The men whose grave the CHRC will desecrate would simply not have believed that, not seventy years after they died, the Canadian government was the chief source of Nazi propaganda in Canada.

Posted by Ghost of a flea at November 10, 2008 03:58 PM