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November 11, 2008

An open letter to President George W. Bush

Dear Mr. President,

Please pardon Conrad Black.

"In Canada, the received wisdom was so stultifying that conforming to it meant mental death. Conrad Black was one of those unusual people who decided early on that he was not going to be afraid and that he was going to live the truth."
- David Frum, quoted in Slate

"I wish there were more people like Conrad Black."
- Baroness Thatcher

"He is a terribly lively guy. He's most extraordinary."
- William F. Buckley, Jr

"It seems to me that what really gets up Canadian noses about Conrad Black is that he is rich (or was, at least, before legal fees drained him) and successful; he is also intelligent and outspoken. Elsewhere, these might be considered attributes and evoke admiration. In Canada they mostly evoke envy."
- Ian Hunter, professor emeritus, faculty of law, University of Western Ontario, National Post

"I wonder if Mr. Black knew how he tapped into that great wide streak of dissatisfaction that runs quiet and deep in many Canadians, the rising weariness with mediocrity and the hunger for excellence."
- Christie Blatchford, Globe and Mail

"Black invested in dozens of Canadian newspapers and magazines, he donated to Canadian causes, he represented Canada abroad and was famous as a Canadian proprietor of numerous international publications. He was the best friend that thousands of British, American and Canadian journalists ever had. And for this they have now turned on him. A biting of the hand that fed them, like some petulant and spoiled child laughing as a parent slips on the ice and is obviously hurt."
- Michael Coren, Toronto Sun

"…I am proud of my association with Hollinger, and I think that those who, throughout the world, hitched a ride on the Hollinger express should be proud as well."
- Martin Newland, The Independent

"Many of the charges are completely ridiculous. They include racketeering -- a charge that was intended to catch Al Capone."
- Andrew Roberts, historian, author Hitler and Churchill: Secrets of Leadership

"Conrad Black is innocent. No, I don't know Conrad Black, never met him. No, I have made no examination of the evidence against him. Nor do I need to in order to assert his innocence."
- Ian Hunter

"I'd be happy to appear as a witness for the defence."
- Mark Steyn, Maclean's

"The trial by attrition of Conrad Black has exposed the dark underbelly of the legal system, where the government can ruin a man, take his property, his means of livelihood and make him a social pariah -- all without the hassle of securing a conviction. An iconoclastic mentality has emerged in the legal system that is focused less on securing justice than on bringing down the high and mighty while pandering to the politics of envy."
- Alykhan Velshi, New English Review


The Flea

(With a hat tip to the Parental Units of the Flea, from whence this very sensible notion. Quotes drawn from the Ad Hoc Committee for Conrad Black)

Posted by Ghost of a flea at November 11, 2008 08:27 AM