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October 26, 2008

The banality of onservatism

Yet another thing I used to wonder at in my 9/10 life was how German conservatives could ever have accommodated themselves to Hitler and the Nazi party. Now I know. They were not conservatives. They did not care about democracy or individual liberty or the free market or authentic German traditions. They saw a strong man on a horse and - being weak - they followed him. They were the Weimar equivalent of today's cowardly, careerist urban latte beta male lawyer class (see link above) and they could not care less who ran Germany so long as they were still invited to the right parties.

The radical left, the radical right and al Qaeda share several things in common: As people, they are wrong about human nature, wrong about the nature of the world, are clinically insane and are true believers in the creeds they preach. This last trait is not admirable in itself. But these true believers often lead lives of self-sacrifice and devotion to higher ideals - albeit evil ideals - which one might imagine could have made for valuable lives if only directed toward different ends.

I cannot say the same for the little traitors, the objective nihilists, who pretend to think some attenuated strain of Nazism, Communism or Islam - or as seems likely a hybrid of all three - is acceptable in the White House.

Update: It occurs to me the title to this post might be a bit Canadian dextrosphere inside baseball. So, for the benefit of my American cousins, the definition of onservative.

Posted by Ghost of a flea at October 26, 2008 01:51 AM


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