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August 23, 2007



Showing its usual flair for reducing the inherently interesting to pablum, ABC News considers celebrity fashion lines. Eva Mendes, Eva Longoria, Liz Taylor, Sarah Jessica Parker, Britney Spears, Madonna, Kylie Minogue, J. Lo, P. Diddy; these are just a few names about which no analysis need be offered. Keywords! Branding! Sex sells! And how they conclude Gwen Stefani's line is in any sense Vivienne Westwood-inspired is beyond me. Note to Phillip Blotch: Analogy is not the same thing as homology.

Admittedly, Gwen Stefani's own characterization of her work is a bit rocky.

The initials of her first album gave her the name for her fashion label, L.A.M.B. When the line debuted on the New York catwalk in Fashion Week of September 2005, Stefani described it as 'a little bit Sound of Music. A little bit of Orange County. A little bit of the Rastafarian rasta girls. A little bit English Great Gatsby garden-party girls. Pretty much the same thing I always do, but different versions of it.'

Yes, all those English Great Gatsby garden-party girls... still, such confusion is to be expected. I have always contended artists should avoid comment on their own work. Flea-readers need not despair on informed comment, however, Stefani's new L.A.M.B. frangrance, "L" is well represented by the auteuse. Agent Bedhead has the video.

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