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August 02, 2007

The Lunar Society of Los Angeles


Jeremy Blake's body has been identified. Kate Coe's piece on the life and death of Theresa Duncan appears in LA Weekly. Quoting Duncan:

“Because competition contains so many shades of human behavior, including altruism, love and kindness, it makes the question ‘Are we winning?’ central to any entertainment.”

There is more than a touch of the Great Gatsby about the tale; I have always been a fan of the Great Gatsby. One thing I know for a fact: Having publicly, strenuously disagreed with Theresa I found her gracious not only in the course of the disagreement but once we realized we were never going to agree. In fact, I was most surprised by my own reaction to the encounter. I have, it has been observed, a Mercurial nature.* Theresa managed to side-step it by sheer charisma.

I expect once I am in the ground it will be easy for people to characterize me as having had a with-me-or-against-me temperament; I cannot say I found this to be true of Duncan whatever her disagreements with others. Heaven knows I have irritated enough people who will be glad to take a shot once they think they are clear of me.** Particularly if a summary of my life were to rely on the wrong former business partner and the wrong ex-girlfriend.

Kate Coe introduces her article by explaining she knew Theresa Duncan. Yes, at parties. But we can say what we like once people are gone and I expect Coe is best placed to tell this side of the story. Such are the second acts of American lives.

* And I appreciate those of you who choose to put up with it.
** They are wise to wait. Otherwise I suggest approaching from beyond my line of sight and by stealth.

Posted by Ghost of a flea at August 2, 2007 07:47 AM