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January 01, 2007

Be it resolved

Be it resolved that I will do everything I resolved to do last year but more so. In addition, I will take special care to:

i - laugh more;
ii - love more;
iii - write more;
iv - dance more;
v - make more music;
vi - accept no substitutes;
vii - make bigger and better mistakes;
viii - once again fit in to my pvc trousers.

Happy new year, everybody.

Blonde ambitions Update: Paris Hilton reveals one of her resolutions. Strangely enough, I too am hoping to spend more time in hospital-related work.

"I have a lot of new year's resolutions," she said. "One is definitely giving back, I'm really fortunate and that's why everywhere I go I'm going to visit a children's hospital, just get really involved in charity work."

Raccoon-botherer Update: Darcey of Dust My Broom has some admirable goals for 2007.

It’s time for my annual promise post wherein I make hefty goals and spend the year underachieving. But, maybe not this year - I’m turning over a new leaf.

Posted by Ghost of a flea at January 1, 2007 10:17 AM


I'll never understand why one needs a special holiday to make resoltuions. If I want to do something, like quit smoking in July, it happens of my own volition.

Yet I could really stand to get my crap together otherwise. Hmm.

Posted by: agent bedhead [TypeKey Profile Page] at January 1, 2007 12:40 PM


resolutions, i say.

Posted by: agent bedhead [TypeKey Profile Page] at January 1, 2007 12:40 PM

Resolutions have to be about an ongoing commitment otherwise they fail. I agree this sort of commitment does not require a special holiday and would go further and say people who think it does are almost certainly setting themselves up to fail. That said, social conventions are on occasion worth some attention and I think it is a nice opportunity to give the matter some thought.

For example, I took three inches off my waist last year without going on a special diet (likely to rebound) or taking on board a Spartacus exercise regimen (likely to be dropped). Making more sensible choices on the margins should continue the progress of last year into this one. The difference is my targets are now in sight and I find as they get closer the work gets easier to do.

Posted by: Ghost of a flea [TypeKey Profile Page] at January 1, 2007 01:36 PM

I think the only resolution one ought to be making in these politically charged times are whether you are an anti-anti-Federalist or not. I read something in the Star today that has me all a flutter on this point, I am further confused as to whether I am of a nation or not. Unless I can settle that, it's cream cakes and strong ales from here on in.

Posted by: Alan McLeod [TypeKey Profile Page] at January 1, 2007 07:35 PM

I would have thought the tonic, sub-dominant and dominant would have been major keys.

Posted by: OregonGuy [TypeKey Profile Page] at January 1, 2007 08:44 PM