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September 05, 2006

Zayra Update


There is no denying people say bad things about Fox. I ask: Have people seen Zayra Alvarez interviewed by Kennedy on Fox Reality? They have not.* Talk about a fox! Rowr, humana-humana, etc.** The dirth of Rock Star Supernova coverage... sorry, typing this while watching the clip... Zayra just said something about trashy lingerie...*** uhh, right then. The dirth of Supernova-themed Flea-coverage recently has been down to a malaise since Zayra was cut. Which is not to say I am any less a fan of the show. I am happy Magni has stuck around longer than I had expected, Delana's continuing auto-destruct makes good television and I would still give the nod to Toby Rand for the job.**** But the whole somehow seems less news-worthy now.

Time for another look at Zayra's Evanescence cover.

*Unless they have watched this insidious Fox Reality viral ad. Seriously, this zero budget short uses YouTube's bandwidth and my Zayra obsession to advertise Fox product. Say what you like: These guys understand "late capital".
**That's for Kennedy and Zayra, btw.
***And that would be Trashy Lingerie; known to the attentive from an earlier Flea-feature.
****Especially after his Billy Idol cover. Plus the man clearly has the right personality for the band and, say, surviving a tour with Tommy Lee.

Posted by Ghost of a flea at September 5, 2006 09:44 AM