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August 31, 2006

Big in Japan

Countless "smitten" Japanese women are in search of eligible South Korean men. Thousands have gone so far as to sign up with a Japan/Korea dating agency to find a Yong-joon Bae of their very own* and some attention from men described as the "Italians of Asia".**

"South Koreans are so sweet and romantic -- not at all like Japanese guys, who never say 'I love you,' " Yoshimura said as she waited for her blind date, a single Korean man, in the 50th-floor bar of a chic Tokyo skyscraper. A telephone operator who lives with her parents in Hiroshima, she has spent thousands of dollars on her quest for a Korean husband, flying to Seoul 10 times in the past two years and bullet-training to Tokyo for seven blind dates with Korean men.

So far, though, she hasn't found the one she's looking for.

"Maybe I'm living in a fantasy world," she said, pouting her blood-red lips. "Maybe I'm looking for the TV stars I can't really have. But we are all allowed a dream, aren't we?"

*Yes, I want to slap him too. But he is reportedly worth US$100 so clearly he has got something most of us have not.
**Have these women met any Italian men for purposes of comparison? I think not.

Posted by Ghost of a flea at August 31, 2006 08:27 AM