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July 04, 2006


Flea-readers unaccountably unfamiliar with the rebooted mythology of Battlestar Galactica will not feel the immediate thrill the word "Caprica" sends through me. Along with the many worlds of The X-Files, Andromeda and Stargate SG-1, Caprica may resemble Simon Fraser University in Vancouver but I am certain there is plenty more temperate rainforest to be discovered. And possibly, just possibly a world where "prequel" and "crap" do not rhyme... Ron Moore: Thank you.

Caprica would take place more than half a century before the events that play out in Battlestar Galactica. The people of the Twelve Colonies are at peace and living in a society not unlike our own, but where high technology has changed the lives of virtually everyone for the better.

But a startling breakthrough in robotics is about to occur, one that will bring to life the age-old dream of marrying artificial intelligence with a mechanical body to create the first living robot: a Cylon. Following the lives of two families, the Graystones and the Adamas (the family of William Adama, who will one day become the commander of the Battlestar Galactica), Caprica will weave together corporate intrigue, techno-action and sexual politics into television's first science fiction family saga, the channel announced.

(hat tip to A Former Servant of Her Majesty)

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