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April 26, 2006

Equal opportunity nipple


Attentive Flea-readers may have noticed yesterday's Jenny Shimizu media included ever so slightly more Shimizu than I had intended. In the interest of restoring the cosmic balance I now present Daniel Craig's amazing acting nipple. For the full effect say "nipple" in a Sean Connery accent: Yesh. Though I am left with a question: Why does Craig's face look older than his torso?

Not that I am one of those people who develop a facial tick whenever the new James Bond is mentioned. Daniel Craig remembers pretending to be 007 in the playground. He says he understands how important it is "to get it right" in Casino Royale's more human and fallible Bond reboot.

"I'm a Bond fan. If I go and see a Bond movie there are certain things I think should be in it. And they're there. We've got them in spades."

It turns out Roger Moore never liked guns. If only the Daniel Craig haters could take this on board and forgive the man for being an actor and not an imaginary secret agent. Unlike Craig, as a boy Pierce Brosnan never even wanted to be Bond. Though after ten years and four films I can see why he would become attached to the part.

Posted by Ghost of a flea at April 26, 2006 08:33 AM

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