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April 25, 2006

Strange attractors


Jenny Shimizu recently came to public attentive through revelations of her affair with Angeline Jolie and consequent speculation about just what had been going on in Jonny Lee Miller's swimming pool. The Flea's newfound interest in Shimizu media means reports of yet another celebrity entanglement cannot go unremarked. But how to best bring you - the Flea-reader - news of her tryst with the Immaterial Girl?* Specifically, what image should I use to illustrate this post?

Which brings me to the problem. A quick Google search for Jenny Shimizu pictures suggest two "strange attractors," i.e. two phase states, of the Shimizu wardrobe. These being "butch" and "naked" respectively. While your search will vary depending on your SafeSearch preferences I am left with an editorial decision about what to run with. After all, one hesitates to reproduce stereotypes or material catering to prurient interests. All I can say is that for a professional model Shimizu has left a remarkably small footprint on Google's image index. Hopefully news of her fling with Madonna will bring much needed media attention her way.

“It’s most guys’ ultimate fantasy to bed Angelina or Madonna. But I’m a girl and I was sleeping with both of them—at the same time. They were both sensational lovers who got incredibly turned on by the touch of another woman,” the Newsoftheworld quoted her, as saying.

Shimizu said that she had hooked up with Madonna after catching the singer’s eye during a casting video, and that she had been the ‘Hung Up’ singer’s ‘booty call’.

*Please note: At the time of her affair with Shimuzu, Madonna still occupied her material form.

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