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October 19, 2005

Goddess, Princess, Whore

"Former Oxford University scholar", Bettany Hughes argues for the existence of an historical Helen of Troy. The Flea is unsurprised to learn "tawny red hair and blue eyes" feature prominently.

"I believe that all three incarnations princess, goddess and whore find their root in a Bronze Age Helen, that the template for Helen of Troy was provided by one of the rich Spartan queens who lived and died on the Greek mainland in the 13th century B.C.; a woman who slept at night and woke at dawn, a flesh-and-blood icon, an aristocrat responsible for orgia secretive, mysterious fertility rites a woman so blessed, so honoured, so powerful, she appeared to walk with the gods. A mortal who, down the centuries, has become larger than life."

Posted by Ghost of a flea at October 19, 2005 07:17 AM

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