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May 27, 2005

Mary Jane Watson


The greatest moment in comic book history is the first appearance of Mary Jane Watson, in "Amazing Spider-Man" No. 42 (first series, November, 1966). Obviously.

After Spider-Man swings back home and changes back to Peter Parker, and he gets some sleep. He is awaken by his Aunt May reminding him of their dinner meeting with the Watson's. Peter gets all dressed up and thinks to himself: "I've spent months trying to avoid meeting Mrs. Watson's niece!"..."I guess I might as well meet her and get it over with!"..."She may not be as bad as I expect!...She'll probably be worse!". Peter and his Aunt walk down the block to the Mrs. Watson's house where they are greeted by Anna Watson. Anna states that Mary Jane will be there any minute after she left her apartment. Peter sits on the couch while May and Anna talk at the dinner table, with his mind on Gwen Stacy. The doorbell rings and Anna answers the door with the following introduction: "Peter Parker, I'd like you to meet my niece", to which Peter responds: "You mean...THAT'S Mary Jane?!!". The last panel of the issue. The most important panel of the issue. The panel that will live in infamy. OK, I'm getting carried away here! Anyway, a gorgeous curvy redhead responds with the unforgettable line: "Face it, Tiger...You just hit the Jackpot!"

Posted by Ghost of a flea at May 27, 2005 07:43 AM

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hehehe. okay, i *must* remember to use this on a date some time. "face it tiger, you hit the jackpot"... i mean, what could be better!?!?!

Posted by: mainja [TypeKey Profile Page] at May 27, 2005 07:59 AM

Great Caesar's ghost! Thanks for reminding me of that one. Lately I've been using "I'm through talking, now get out of my cave" and I'm trying to encourage my underlings to call me chief, just so I can scream: "And stop calling me chief!" From now on I'm going to introduce myself with the Tiger line.

Posted by: myrick [TypeKey Profile Page] at May 28, 2005 11:08 AM