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November 23, 2004

Edward Hopper: Gas


As the car slips along a winding road through the woods at dusk, its powerful headlamps momentarily light up whole sections of meadow and tree turnks, so brightly that the texture of the bark and individual stalks of grass can be made out in a clinical white light better suited to a hospital ward than woodland, and then dip them back into the undifferentiated murkiness as the car rounds the corner and the beams turn their attention to another patch of slumbering ground.

There are few other cars on the road, only an occasional set of lights moving in the opposite direction, away from the night. The car's instrument panel casts a purple glow over the darkened interior. Suddenly, in a clearing ahead, a floodlit expanse appears: a petrol station, the last before the road heads off into the longest, densest stretch of forest and night completes its hold over the land - Gas (1940)

- Alain de Botton, "The Art of Travel"

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