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September 03, 2004

Beneath the Queen's Chamber

Gilles Dormion and Jean-Yves Verd'hurt claim to have located a cavity under the Queen's Chamber in the Great Pyramid using microgravimetry. They argue this may be a tunnel leading to the burial chamber of the Pyramid's end-user, the Pharaoh Khufu (that is Cheops to you classical Greeks). Despite apparent confirmation of their findings by a Japanese team using radar, and their earlier discovery of two previously undetected rooms at a pyramid of Meidum, they have thus far been denied permission to investigate further (supposedly as they are not professional archaeologists).

According to the French pair, none of the pyramid's three existing rooms would have been strong enough to qualify as a royal burial chamber which needs to withstand the test of centuries.

In the so-called King's room, at the top of a steep shaft reaching up inside the pyramid, they point to deep cracks in the massive granite blocks that form the chamber's ceiling as evidence of this.

The Queen's chamber, meanwhile, cannot be sealed off, meaning it could not have been used as a burial chamber, while work on the third known room was abandoned before it was completed.

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