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July 07, 2004

Be it resolved


Look there... is that a bird... a plane? No! It is the Dark Knight smacking down Superman (again). Be it resolved that the Batman would defeat Superman in a fair fight.*

* Meaning of "fair fight" may vary. "Fair fight" may include use of nuclear weapons, subterfuge and kryptonite boxing gloves.

Posted by Ghost of a flea at July 7, 2004 08:55 AM

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And therein lies the rub, since for Supes, a "fair fight" would be not going too hard on Bats, whereas for Bats, a "fair fight" is anything that lets him win.

Bats in 2 rounds, max.

Posted by: *** Dave at July 7, 2004 08:16 PM

Bleah. You know when comics started to blow? Dark Knight Returns. You know when they fell right off the freakin' cliff? DK2. ... Actually, no: the end of Jaka's Story.

Posted by: Bob Tarantino at July 8, 2004 10:37 PM

Ok, now I am seriously curious. I have always thought Dave Sim was over-rated but this is the first time I have ever heard criticism of Dark Knight Returns/DK2. Cool! Though I feel like you should probably be burned at the stake or something.

How about Arkham Asylum? The Watchman? I am thinking of other idols that could be knocked off their pedestals.

Posted by: Flea at July 9, 2004 08:54 PM