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June 14, 2004

French language debate


It is time for everybody's favourite topic: Canadian federal politics! Tonight's French language debate is underway. I offer the following guide for the perplexed.

Stephen Harper (Conservative) is stuck with a mic that is not turned up for some reason. He has this odd humble way of looking down and around when answering a question as if to suggest he is mulling it over. It could be this is something he only does when he is speaking French. I will check it out in the English language debate.

Jack Layton (NDP) is full of pep and his faux Qu�b�cois accent is good. He and Stephen Harper have both been going to the nasal voice coach and the faux colloquialism coach. When his stint at the NDP is over he can pose for postcards in a Mountie uniform for Disney promotions.

Gilles Duceppe (Bloc Qu�b�cois) has a vampiric pallor and hairstyle that means his head is perfectly camouflaged by the wall. He must have just fed when they took the photo at the top of this post. Didn't they call Frontenac a vampire? Maybe he sired this guy. Weird. Otherwise, his only apparent virtue is that he is not Paul Martin. Maybe someone will ask him if he is still a Communist.

And Paul Martin (Liberal) continues to inspire a sense of wonder in me. I wonder why this guy was supposed to be the great hope for the Liberal Party? I have always thought he was over-rated and his performance here confirms it. I mean seriously, does anyone actually say something is "priorit� num�ro un" in French? Maybe. The guy looks like an accountant. No offense to accountants but he is supposed to be Prime Minister. I would also hesitate to vote for someone who liked like an anthropologist. Maybe especially an anthropologist.

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