May 29, 2004


Amongst other things, Muzammil Siddiqi, director of the Islamic Society of North America, says "we must burn all gays to prevent paedophilia and the spread of AIDS." Andrew Sullivan comments:

What staggers me is how silent the gay establishment is about these obscenities. If a religious right figure had said them, there would be hell to pay. But the multi-culti left still has a stranglehold on official gay discourse and won't condemn Islamist bigotry. Why not? These mullahs are fanning the flames of anti-gay violence with literally incendiary rhetoric. Burn gays? Yep, that's what the cleric said.

What does not stagger me is how silent the conservative establishment is about these obscenties. But the same purportedly religious folks who are outraged at the jihadi assault on liberal democracy fall silent when they find their own prejudices echoed by this medieval lunacy. Whether it is moaning about the "homosexualization" of downtown Toronto, selective criticism of Canada's laws against incitement to hate and genocide or coded criticism of Canadian immigration policy the message is the same.

Sullivan is right to argue the absolute illogic of espousing the civil rights of gay people and a cultural relativism that would send them to the fire. Heaven knows neither the Liberal Party nor the NDP will say it. Much has been made about a new moderate Conservative Party in Canada. I will believe it when the party makes an unequivocal condemnation of this sort of talk from would be Taliban in their own camp as well as islamist variety. Is Stephen Harper man enough to?

And then... Yes. If only this were true of all "conservatives" in this country.

And then... I won't hold my breath waiting for feminists or "anti-war" protestors to condemn this man's views either. Irshad Manji takes her life in her hands to advocate a progressive, tolerant Islam and earns a condescending smirk from academics. These folks offer rhetorical support to the rights of women and gay men when it offers them a chance to attack their enemies on the right but could care less about the everyday atrocity that is life in "Saudi" Arabia and elsewhere. I am looking at you Amnesty International.

There are times when I find the entire spectrum of Canadian political thought entirely depressing. Bring back the Rhino Party!

And then... Charles Johnson has more on Muzammil Siddiqi. Apparently, "it is un-Islamic to hurt anybody" unless, I suppose, they are gay in which case they are to be burned. Or Jewish. Or women unescorted by male relatives. Or infidels. Or the wrong branch of Islam. Etc. Etc.

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I don't know about Canadian politics, and will trust that you're right about it. In the US, at least amongst the Libertarian strain of the Right, there is a growing swell of mumbling about the hypocrisy of supporting/tolerating such speech. It hasn't reached enough ears, though.
Even the Neocons have brought it up, but nobody can hear it, occupied as the public is in demonization. Sad, as it's an important point.

Posted by: urthshu at May 29, 2004 02:21 PM

Canadians are great at this stuff provided the Americans are perceived to be against it. Brian Mulroney was our last conservative prime minister and it was his government that opened the arms forced to "out" gay people. This was a couple months before Bill Clinton's controversial executive order that conveniently allowed our PM to make the rounds in New York sounding off about how relaxed Canada was on the subject. More recently, marriage between same-sex couples had about a year lead on New England.

Banning women from holding public office, driving cars or showing their faces to non-male relatives is quite another thing provided it is done somewhere safely "Oriental" and therefore falling under the provision of Ewok law and probably full of ancient wisdom (thank you, Edward Said). If any of this happens in an imaginary future United States Margaret Atwood writes novels about it and they taught on undergraduate courses in smugness studies.

Posted by: Flea at May 29, 2004 05:31 PM
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