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March 22, 2004

Corinthian Arch

A sword-blade has been found under the floorboards in the Corinthian Arch, a monumental architectural feature of Stowe Landscape Gardens. The Arch is so big it has two four-story houses built into each flank. And no funny remarks about a glowing red dot tracking its way toward the archaeologist.

Project archaeologist Sarah Connor said the likely explanation was that the sword belonged to someone in the Bucks Yeomanry who lived in the arch, especially since drill camps were held in the park in front of the arch during the 19th century. She said: "It was a good quality sword. It is now corroded in places but you can make out some numbers that have been stamped onto the blade and that makes it a military blade. It could have been owned by the Bucks militia."

It is believed all of the items were placed in the loft of the arch at the same time, but it is difficult to know why. One possibility is the items were put there when the arch was being built to ensure good luck for the building and all its residents.

Posted by Ghost of a flea at March 22, 2004 10:34 AM


Sarah Connor? I thought she got wacked between Terminator 2 and 3.

Posted by: David at March 22, 2004 11:17 AM

Dang, someone got here first.

Posted by: John of Argghhh! at March 23, 2004 08:53 AM