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February 02, 2004

One Hand Clapping

Rev. Donald Sensing offered a free Blogads spot to the first reader to ask as a way to kick off this new feature at One Hand Clapping. Guess who wrote first? We were having some issues with the Blogads interface so I am not certain when the ad may appear.

I have been thinking about advertising at the Flea as a means of offsetting server costs and will be watching carefully... My hosting service had a hiccup this morning and a jump to another provider might need to be paid for!

And then... The Flea ad has appeared! Welcome to everybody from Rev. Sensing's blog!

Posted by Ghost of a flea at February 2, 2004 06:20 AM


Good thing you took Donald Sensing up on his offer. I had never seen your blog before--but I have now! I think the BlogAds are a good idea.


Posted by: Steveo at February 2, 2004 11:27 AM

Same thing happened for me except with Citizen Smash. He offered a free ad to the first three Bear Flaggers, and I was #2. I've never run an ad before, so it's interesting.

Posted by: Ith at February 4, 2004 07:22 PM