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August 28, 2003

The Cat Who Walks Through Walls

I have not read this one so it is difficult to comment...

The cat who walks through walls
You belong in the Cat Who Walks Through Walls. You
are creative and cunning. Your works often
feel empty to you, though others love them.
You suspect that the universe and everyone in
it are just characters in someone else's story.

Which Heinlein Book Should You Have Been A Character In?
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Posted by Ghost of a flea at August 28, 2003 07:23 AM


This is one of Heinlein's best books, so I'd recommend reading it. Not positive if the description makes too much sense because this book did come out in a period of Heinlein's career when all the stories kind of blended together with very similar stock characters.

Posted by: Chaos Stud at August 28, 2003 12:47 PM

I'm not sure whether I should be pleased or insulted that I got Starship Troopers. =) I can deal with Denise Richards and Dina Meyer but I'll pass on Paul Verhoeven. He should stick to Robocop screenplays.

Posted by: Chris Taylor at August 28, 2003 08:04 PM