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August 24, 2018

Of Hadrian | Of Antoninus Pius

"It's worth keeping in mind how Google Translate works, because it helps you understand why it is so bad at Latin in particular. Google translate basically looks for websites that have texts in two different languages and statistically compares all of them to determine what is statistically the most likely to be the given translation for sentences. This used to be how it did all languages, but it has been changing to neural networks over the last two years for many of them, but I believe Latin still uses the old method.

"The thing about the old method was that it kind of worked all right for a lot of modern languages. Think about English and Spanish. There are lots of websites, government documents, etc, that are available in both languages, so it has a lot of good data to compare. In particular, it has data where accuracy and equivalency is often of the utmost importance, concerning texts written in a broad range of styles, from the simplest to the most complicated styles.

"Now think about the situation for Latin."

Posted by Ghost of a flea at August 24, 2018 06:09 AM