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June 09, 2018

Noel Coward's This Happy Breed (1989)

"Written by Noel Coward. The story of a 20-year period from June 1919, when the Gibbons family move in to their new home near Clapham Common, and the adventures they encounter, to June 1939, when they leave it."

The story of the play concerns the working class Gibbons family between the end of World War I and the outbreak of World War II. It anticipates the non-violent ways in which social justice issues might be incorporated into post-war national reconstruction, examines the personal trauma caused by the sudden death of sons and daughters and anticipates the forthcoming return of English men from the war. It is also an intimate portrait of the economy and politics of Great Britain in the 1920s and 1930s (such as the General Strike of 1926), as well as showing the advances in technology – the arrival of primitive crystal radio sets and telephones, home gas lights being replaced by electricity and mass broadcast radio.

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