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January 01, 2018

Britain's Best Buildings - Harlech Castle (S02 E01 BBC 5 May, 2004)

"Britain's Best Buildings is a BBC documentary series in which the TV presenter and architectural historian Dan Cruickshank discusses his selection of the finest examples of British architecture.

"The programme was later found to have lifted most of its script from Marc Morris's Channel 4 programme on the castle, and the BBC paid out."

Broadcaster gets apology from BBC as history repeats itself

Historian hears his own words in documentary by rival presenter When the television historian Marc Morris settled down in his Oxford home to watch a BBC documentary about Harlech castle earlier this month, it was with not inconsiderable interest: a year ago, he had made a programme for Channel 4 about the same building.

But Morris's interest turned to surprise and then anger when, a few minutes into the film, he began to recognise some of the words and phrases used by his fellow broadcaster, Dan Cruickshank. As the BBC4 programme progressed, it became apparent that sections of Morris's Channel 4 documentary, and the book that accompanied it, had been lifted and used virtually unaltered.

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