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November 13, 2014

MOCAtv - Marjorie Cameron

"'There was a time when art was an assault on what art was, and practices were motivated by an elated passion for regions of the mind that amaze the vision more than the eyes. Cameron [b. Marjorie Cameron, Belle Plaine, Iowa, 1922; d. Los Angeles, 1995] was of a time of heedless belief in the power of art to invent and celebrate new ways of representation and being. Her work oscillates between the psychedelic and surreal and defies a conventional understanding of modernity as a logical notion of progress in art. She reminds us of how little we perceive of our existence and how much our mind, if fully explored, awakens an alternative knowledge."

- Philippe Vergne, Director, MOCA

Scarlet Woman: "Meet Cameron, the countercultural icon who bewitched Los Angeles."

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