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May 24, 2014

Felicia Day - Board Game Reccs!

"I thought about working out a LOT this week, which means next week I'll probably work my way up to wearing yoga pants everywhere, even to business meetings, and then, MAYBE the week after, I might drive to the gym. Or, you know, drive BY it on the way to getting a green tea matcha latte in the morning. Yes i'm the biggest pain in the ass at the coffee shop because I can't have coffee anymore, and my 4 dollar drink of choice is a "matcha green tea latte with almond milk, no sugar added, children's temp." I'm the worst citizen in the world, let's all agree on that. If you were behind me in line you'd roll your eyes, I get it. But I always tip a dollar, which is pretty much 25% tip, so there. I absolve myself. This weekend I'm planning on catching up with DLCs of a bunch of games i missed, Last of Us, Shadowrun, Bioshock, even ME3 Citadel which I hear was great but I dunno if the wound of Thane dying is too fresh to revisit, it has only been a year or so. Maybe 2015. Also Finished Transistor. I forget if I put that in the video. I have Alzheimer's probably. My grandma had it, and I forgot my keys twice last week, so basically I'll be in a home come Christmas. Hey, I'm super excited to clean my house this weekend! I even bought rubber gloves so I need to find something to do with THAT accessory. Maybe a musical theatre dance by myself. Woo I be crazy, yo. Word of the week is punt. Because it sounds like another word I wanna say a lot when I think of Alzheimer's and my super filled-out yoga pants, but it's not polite. Hehe. "I'll punt you in the punt." FELICIA GET CLASSIER SHEESH"

Posted by Ghost of a flea at May 24, 2014 08:48 AM