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March 17, 2014

Kashan rose otto

"It’s floral, fruity and hesperidic, with a honey note coming through slowly, yet steadily. It has an ineffable naughtiness that escapes all attempts to define it, an elusiveness that makes it simultaneously putting off and irresistibly attractive. But it’s inexplicably and irreducibly beautiful and sad, but a sadness that has more to do with nostalgia and longing than with mere absence and despair: a desperatio fiducialis (and my Iranologist friend have surely gotten my drift). The texture, which had left me perplexed the first time I tested it, is waxy and semi-solid at room temperature, due to the high ratio of stearoptene (courtesy of Chris), but liquefies quickly when heated."

A confident desperation: "Is it right to speak, as is often the case, of the pessimism of gnosis? Such a judgment assumes that one has forgotten what the struggle of the gnostic is about, what its origin is and what its outcome will be. This outcome makes it clear that if gnosis despairs of this world it is in the form of a desperatio fiducialis, a confident desperation. One can say the same thing with reference to Zoroastrian and Manichean cosmic dramaturgy. Where, then, is the optimism of this despair rooted?"

Posted by Ghost of a flea at March 17, 2014 05:57 AM