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February 22, 2014

Richard Avedon- Darkness and Light (1996)

Helen Whitney's production, "Richard Avedon: Darkness and Light", provides a comprehensive overview of the career, and also to some extent, of the personal life of this exceptional photographer. The program details Mr. Avedon's work, which over the past fifty years has attempted to "nurture perceptions that most people discard".
The first thirty minutes of this film describe Mr. Avedon's journey, from his work in Paris fashion magazines in the year 1946, to around 1966 when he became temporarily disillusioned with the social life within the fashion world. The next twenty minutes work to describe his growth as a portrait photographer. During this period, the human face becomes the "primary focus of attention" of Mr. Avedon's eye, with portrait styles ranging from explosive multiple exposures to serene comments on human dignity. Most of the work of this period was photographed against Mr. Avedon's "signature" solid white background.

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