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January 23, 2014

We Are Winter - Team Canada Sochi 2014

The Winter Spirit (The Origin of the Ice Palace)
- Helen Fairbairn.

The winter night was full of wind and storm. The Christian's festal season close at hand. With frosty, glistening, snow-besprinkled form, The Winter Spirit roamed throughout the land.

Beneath, his flying footsteps froze the ground; And with his garments' rustling fell the snow ; His lightest touch made icicles abound; His breath, as when the keenest north winds blow.

He paused above the river, dull and gray, Turbid and chafing with a restless pain.

And soon in icy quietness it lay, Bound, bank to bank, within his Arctic chain.

He roamed along the leafless mountain side, And wheresoeer he found a solemn spruce. Or stately fir, or hemlock rich and wide, He paused, and shook his gleaming garments loose.

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