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May 16, 2013

Battle of the Nations 2013 Aigues Mortes, France

"The Battle of the Nations is an international historical medieval battles world championship, first held in 2009,[1] and held in Europe in April every year since. It is a full contact competition, using metal weapons, and a standardized list of rules.[2] National teams in HMB compete at the championship in several standard nominations, including 'Triathlon Duel', 'Professional fights', '5 vs 5', '21 vs 21' and 'all vs all'. All battles are full contact, no stage reenactment battles are organized at the championship."

Ost du Quebec representing for "Canada".

Team Quebec (also known at Ost du Quebec) was the first non European team to enter the tournament in Ukraine in 2011. Their captain put a team together of 9 fighters and 3 support staff who traveled from Montreal Quebec to take part in the tournament. They also held the first friendly tournament under the HMB rules in St-Eustache in February 2012 where participants from Ontario and USA took part. Together with Scallagrims group from Toronto they founded the National Medieval Martial Arts League in Canada, a league that is recognized in both Quebec and Canada.

Battle of the Nations - Cannabis Dei vs von Massow - Final Eliminations 2013 Poland.

Oldenways: "Battle of the Nations", Episode 1.

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