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April 15, 2013



"The world’s largest royal palace is under threat from vandals and looters, with damages so bad the local mayor is calling on the Italian army to step in to protect it."

Reggia de Caserta, a former royal residence, is falling into ruins as a result of light-fingered tourists and time taking its toll on the giant palace without the funds for even the most urgent repairs.
The palace, located in Caserta, 20 miles north of Naples, boasts 1,200 rooms, two dozen state apartments, a grand park with waterfalls and several famous gardens as well as paintings and sculptures which has attracted art lovers for centuries.

"The Royal Palace of Caserta is a former royal residence in Caserta, southern Italy, constructed for the Bourbon kings of Naples. It was the largest palace and one of the largest buildings erected in Europe during the 18th century."

Reggia di Caserta - Appartamenti Reali, Parco e Giardino Inglese.

Il meraviglioso Parco della Reggia di Caserta.

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