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April 08, 2013

Margaret Thatcher and music

"There is a deep irony in that many of the bands most militantly anti Thatcher were on labels that seized the ethos of self help small enterprises that Thatcher loved or were indeed de facto self employed businessmen themselves."

Margaret Thatcher has a mixed relationship with music. Her favourite pop song*, Telstar, was the first single by a British group to reach number one in America in 1962. It’s producer, Joe Meek, whose recording studio was above a shoe shop on the Holloway Road, committed suicide. One factor behind his death is believed to be because a French hack film music writer claimed Joe had stolen the melody of `Le Marche d'Austerlitz' and used it in Telstar resulting in all income from Telstar being frozen. In a nutshell there is the Thatcher ethos at home and abroad; British ingenuity and small business chutzpah is appreciated in America but strangled by the envious French. The whole of her foreign policy was guided by such instincts and the memory of Joe Meek.

"Telstar is a 1962 instrumental record performed by The Tornados. It was the first single by a British band to reach number one on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100, and was also a number one hit in the UK. The record was named after the AT&T communications satellite Telstar, which went into orbit in July 1962."

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