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February 26, 2013


The first scent recognition app for the iPad.

There are 10 different olfacio flowers [and] the flowers refer to the smells. So is the flower "Olfacio Rubus Idaeus Fruticosus Flores" is a refence to raspberry. On the cards is a description of what the smell is -- for this example you read "Slippery, jelly and Melting" and that is also exactly what the flower looks like. When you lay the same flower on the smell incubator on the iPad two times, you get an digital image of what this flower looks like. But the most exciting part is, of course, making mixes with the smells. I'm not going to tell all the fragrances that are used. It's important the user uses his/her imagination. The smells are on the back of the cards and this back looks the same for all the cards so there's no image recognition involved. It's just smell!

Which smells like... artistic license... to me.

Posted by Ghost of a flea at February 26, 2013 09:24 AM