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January 26, 2013

The Anglo-Saxon Invasion

Matthias Schulz points to evidence suggesting Britain is more German than it thinks. I never laboured under the misapprehension it was anything else; teaching archaeology gives you the long view.

And that sound you hear is just a little bit of history repeating.

The estimated 200,000 intruders faced an overwhelming number of Britons, about a million, and yet the invaders triumphed. The kingdoms that soon developed, like East Anglia, Wessex (West Saxony) and Essex (East Saxony) were run by robust chieftains like Sigeric and Cynewulf.

The Celts were no match for these roughnecks. The Romans had taught them how to play the lyre and drink copious amounts of wine, but the populace in the regions controlled by the Pax Romana was barred from carrying weapons. As a result, the local peoples, no longer accustomed to the sword, lost one battle after the next and were forced to the edges of the island.

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