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June 13, 2012

Prometheus: an archaeological perspective

Sort of.

Cut to the Isle of Skye:

Archaeologist Noomi Rapace is excavating a crevice in a cave with a paintbrush. Shining a small torch into the crevice, she smiles, and tells her assistant to shout to Dr. Holloway, who is excavating a fair distance away down the hill. You can tell he’s an archaeologist, as opposed to another kind of doctor, because he is sieving soil. When his name is called, he instantly throws the sieve to the ground, and pounds up the hill to the cave. Because, as we all know, archaeology can be extraordinarily hard to catch.

Comprehensive spoilers/snark at the link.

I tried telling them, but would they listen? No.: Ridley Scott on God, aliens and his new ‘Blade Runner’ film.

And...: Ridley Scott describes a scene from the Blade Runner sequel.

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